Different pump choices

I've had diabetes for about 5 years now. During the last 5 years, I've used a pen for my lantus dose and a pen for my humalog doses. I've always been interested in the pump and thought it would be very helpful in making my life a little bit less stressful. I'm curious about all the different pumps out there and the advantages/disadvantages to each of them. I want to make a good choice in picking a pump and picking one that'll fit my lifestyle best.

So if you could just tell me a little bit about the pumps that you all use and what you like and don't like about each of them, that'd be great =]


P.S. is there any pump out there that also reads your blood sugar? like in all in one type of deal where it gives insulin and checks your blood sugar?

the minimed pump has a continuous glucose monitor and when you check your blood sugar on a certain meter it will send the result to your pump. i havent started using mine yet. i have to wait until april 19 but i already love it.

no pumps on the market directly read blood sugar.  My minimed will talk to the minimed CGM, it will aslo talk to my bs meter.  I have had a Minimed 722 for 2+ years, it's great, tough, and it is better for me than MDI (shots). 

on the insulin pumpers board (5250 pumpers) 50% of them are on a minimed pump, 20% Animas, and it unfortunately doesn't show the % of Insulet (Omnipod) users.

I think you will find that people love the pump they chose, no matter which one. I think you will find that they are ALL great, and that for most people the only complaint is insurance costs and the fact that they waited too long before trying it.  Your best bet might be to find out which pump your insurance company likes (if any), too.  good luck - here is the insulin pumpers forum website (they have links to al pump manufacturers.    http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

PS smiths medical (Cozmo) is getting out of the pump business - don't look too hard at cozmo pumps they are no longer available.


check out accu-check pumps heard great things about

them, my son is on Animas suppois really bad, pump is OK,

we're planing to switch, but overall pumpn is good idea.