Difficulty staying in range

Since I was diagnosed, I've noticed that my bg has a hard time staying in range....I don't eat gluten so I don't have very many slow digesting carbs in my body, so my bg drops easily. But if I try to snack throughout the day, I become too high but I'm afraid to bolus too often because I don't want to drop too low. I work 2 jobs and go to school full time so it's not exactly easy for me to stay on a tight eating schedule.....plus, I sometimes get stuck going a couple hours without being able to eat, another reason I'm worried I will drop too low. So during long days, I try not to bolus too much but then I run high. Does anybody have any advice??? Or have difficulties like this? Thanks for any tips :D

Hi Cheyanne,

Have you talked to your doctor about this? Also, if you aren't on one already, I think you would be a great candidate for a Continuous Glucose Monitor and an insulin pump.

Definitely agree with what Gina says.  I'm guessing you may already use a pump because you mentioned bolusing.  If so, look over John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin".  It's a great resource.

You might also need to brush up on carb counting to make sure you're bolusing accurately.  I like the Calorie King book (at Walmart or bookstores for less than $10) or app (free).  www.calorieking.com/.../119-2012-calorieking-calorie-fat-and-carbohydrate-counter


nuts are a awesome snack! they have very few carbs and lots of healthy fats which will keep you level!

Try using a system like ManageBGL.com, which you can run on your phone and predict where your BGLs are going to be and help you from getting too low. I assume you are on a fast acting+ basal insulin, in which case a tight eating schedule is not required - but a management system to help out is very useful! No need to buy a pump or CGMS just yet! Just get more practice at counting carbs and carrying an insulin pen for immediate use.