Disability Insurance - Do I need it?

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to join T1 Nation. I’m a self-employed small business owner in Toronto Canada, which means I get no health, critical illness, disability insurance coverage – I’ve been paying an inflated amount (because of the Diabetes, I’ve also been rejected several times for general Health coverage) over the last 8 years for disability insurance and have started to wonder why I’m even paying for it. I would really appreciate some feedback for anyone in a similar situation – I could literally take the money I pay monthly and devote it to CGM which will help me stay healthy.

Thanks for your feedback!


Hi Daniel,

It really depends on the burden of the cost to you. For example, I am an employed person who is fortunate and have all of my medical coverage picked up by my employer; thus, the $900/year for long-term disability insurance (which would pay me roughly 60% of my salary for near a decade), is well worth it to me.

Can you offer some more specifics?



Hey Taylor,

Thanks for your message, apologies for my delayed reply, was camping in the states without internet. Happy to provide details.

My disability insurance costs $140.00/month or $1,680.00/year, none of which is tax deductible. If I was disabled, my policy pays $2,500.00/month, for up to 5 years. As you can see right away, I’m paying far more than you, getting far less, and paying out of pocket.

As a self-employed business owner with no other coverage (rejected for health care, no dental, etc), they’re charging me an inflated premium (based on my diabetes risk profile).

I just invested in a Dexcom CGM, which I’m also paying for out of pocket, so this is def becoming cost prohibitive. Also, the insurance is costing me as much yearly as the transmitter and receiver!

Overall, the difficult part for me is that I just invested in tech to keep me even healthier, and being charged for insurance as a huge health risk - insurance companies need to stop looking at us as the walking dead and looking at our long term A1C/control.

I realize that as a self-employed person with T1D, I’m in a unique situation financially.

Thanks for your help and thoughts on this!