I just switched to an Animas Ping from the Deltec Cozmo this past weekend, and I was really liking it up until I came to work today.  My office is really quiet - no radios or a lot of talking, really - and for the first time I'm noticing how loud this pump is when it delivers insulin.  I find this really disappointing, since a lot of the Animas marketing is from the perspective that this pump is discreet (being able to program from the remote, etc.), and I don't find it to be that way at all.  In fact, I'm pretty sure my co-workers will be able to hear the darn thing every time it delivers insulin.  Not just the boluses either - I can hear the "chick:" sound when it's delivering basal units, too. 

Anyone else notice this?  Do they make a muzzle for this thing?  I really like the other features, so I'm not sure this is enough to make me return it and try another pump.  Or maybe I just have a defective one?

My son (age 2.5yr) has the Animas Ping.  We just got in in August.  It is his first pump.  I do hear it too!  Not all the time.  Of course my place of work is quite loud with staying at home with three small children.  This may be why I don't always hear it :)

All I can say is that we really love the Ping. It's been great to Bolus him out in public somewhere and it look like I am on a cell texting instead. It takes the attention off of us.  I know that is not the same perspective as actually wearing it.

Good luck!

I bet you can hear at night in bed, huh? That is disappointing. My 3.5 year old is about to get one.

Actually, I didn't notice it when I was falling asleep last night...  even when my temporary basal rate expired.  So, that's good news.

I use the Animas 2020, which is basically the same pump as the One touch Ping, only without the remote.  I very occasionally hear the basals being delivered, with the accent on "very".  I usually can hear the bolus delivery, mostly because there is a beep sound at the beginning then at the end of the delivery.

As for your workplace, I wonder if you are not being overly self-conscious?  Ask one of your co-workers if they hear it, and if they do, if it interrupts their work.  I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised by the answers! 

Given that you are new to Animas, but not to pumping, perhaps you're being overly analytical in comparing the new device to the old one?  I know I certainly would be!  lol  Already, after a year with this, my first pump, I have an idea of what features I would want on my next one!

Hi Kim

Have you gotten a pump skin - if not that might muffle the sound a bit.

Nads - it is possible.  I'm going to ask one of my friends on my lunch break to listen for the bolus delivery, to see if I'm just hearing it louder than everyone else.  I guess I got used to the discretion the Cozmo offered by being quieter, and expected the same or better technology with a newer pump.

Keith - I did get a coupon with the pump supplies for a free skin, so that's on my to-do list!  :)

I experience this, but I don't see why it is a problem. Why does a pump need to be silent? It's keeping you alive/healthy and if it bothers someone that's their problem in my opinion. I use an Animas 1250 (I can upgrade once I break it) and yes I can hear my basal/bolus being delivered, but I guess I'm not bothered by it?

Are you trying to be an undercover diabetic? :o)

Yes, I am a diabetic ninja.

The reason a pump needs to be quiet is the same reason they offer a "vibrate" option.  Not everyone I encounter needs to know I'm diabetic, much less know that I'm eating/drinking/have too high of a blood sugar.  There are times when discretion is nice.

My son has a Ping and yes, I can hear it deliver, but only if I listen. I can hear the vibrate sound more than the actual delivery. I've never heard it deliver the basal.

I would guess that most people would chalk any weird 'electronic' sound like that to your's or someone's cellphone making a noise rather than speculating that you are bolusing with you insulin pump, if they hear it at all. So maybe in a meeting if it buzzed, you'd see other people checking their phones wondering "What was that weird alarm, did my phone make that noise?" rather than staring at you. ;) Or you could always check your phone if you notice it - and just let them think you have some neat ringtone set for a reminder. (Just some thoughts on maintaining ninja discretion.)

haha diabetic ninja


you just made me crack up ..





Well, it's official.. yes, my coworkers can hear my pump delivering a bolus.  Totally lame, Animas.

I still don't think it's a major problem, but if it bothers you (and them) that's really too bad.

I have a suggestion, to lighten the mood at work in this respect...  Turn it into a type of office pool.  Everyone who wants to participate, puts a dollar into the pot.  When you bolus, they have to guess the exact amount that you bolused, based on what they hear!  So, it could be, say, 4.3 units or 5.2 units, etc.  Closest one wins the pot!  If I worked with you, I would definitely be in on this!  ?

Nads, you are right - not a major problem, just highly annoying for me.

Although I do appreciate your creative thinking, my whole goal here is to be discreet, as I've mentioned.  An office pool surrounding my medical needs would be quite the opposite of what I'm looking for.  But, someone else run with that idea!

I have a OneTouch Ping, I don't really notice it besides the beep it makes.