I am feeling really disappointed right now. My A1c at the beginning of pregnancy was 6.7 and I worked it down to a 6.5 I have been testing like a maniac. I even wake up and test during the night! I have been working so hard and I was 100% sure my A1c would have dropped by a little bit more and yet... it's still 6.5

6.5 means your average blood sugar is 154.  Not specular, but not bad.   Don't be discouraged.  It's tough regulating blood sugars for a non-diabetic.  

Are there times of day when you're having trouble?  Foods that give you problems?  Do what you can to diminish anything that causes you problems.  

What is your target blood sugar? I had a good A1c when pregnant, but my target was 80 and I had to test constantly to ensure I didn't have lows.  

If you are eating healthy, aren't having lows or super highs, then you might be doing better than you think.  

I eat very healthy and pretty much drink ONLY water, sometimes crystal light or a diet drink. My target is 80-120. I test like crazy and have seen many good numbers within range. Sometimes I do get high, but because I test so frequently I always stay on top of it and correct is ASAP. I really was certain I would be closer to 6 this time. I know 6.5 isn't horrible (and my doctor is happy with it) but I just feel disappointed I have put so much effort into lowering my A1c and it hasn't done much. When I first got pregnant my A1c was 6.7, but about 6 months prior to that I was 9.7 soooo... I have lowered it a lot in the last year.

Rachel...be pleased that you are down and not up...be content with reamining at  good A1C.  The closer you get to 5%...typically it means that you are having wayyyyy tooo many lows.  If you are at a 6.5 and haven't had too many lows then that is good control.  It's steady.  My doctor gave me some good perspective when he said that you can have an A1C of 5.5 but it is altered if you have tons of under 40's and the rest of the blood sugars are in the 200-300 range...just because A1C says 5.5 that does NOT mean it is good control.  Take your little victories.  My High risk specialist put it in perspective for me and said that even with a  A1C of 10, it is still a small risk (10%) for health issues for baby.  Under 5 is a non diabetic. which we have all known non-diabetics to have not perfect pregnancies.  Be calm, your stress effects baby and mommies blood sugar.  Try to breath (trust me, we are all in the same boat of freaking out with our A1C and worry for our little one).