Disconnecting while asleep

So the title pretty much explains itself. This has happened before. This morning, I woke up with heavy head. That's my term for the feeling you get when you wake up w/high bg. Then I stand up, unencumbered...aaaah...it's so nice to stand up without thinking of tubing...

Then I realize that my pump is not connected. It wasn't ripped out this time. It was actually disconnected, as in the site was still there. I looked around and could not find it. It took around fifteen or twenty minutes, then I saw the tubing. It was under the bed.

Asleep, I disconnected my pump. I am a little unsettled by this. It makes me wonder about, oh, things like Sleep Bolusing. It's completely ridiculous.

Anyone ever do this?

Oh wow omg! That is actually so scary... Are you sure you disconnected it in your sleep maybe it just came out on its own. That has actually happened to me and I woke up having to throw up from ketones. ughhh...

Sleep bolusing would be even scarier! Dreaming of food and bolusing whoaaaa...

Eek!  I could see myself doing that with the touch bolus.  Scary!

How irionic! I just woke up and found that my pump was disconnected, and after taking insulin and checking keytones I came here to vent about it.  ]

I have done this two times before and it is so scary.  This morning I woke up, and without a problem just got out of bed not having to worry about my tubing lagging behind.  So I checked the waistline of my pants to make sure my pump was there, but it wasn't.  I panicked and ran to the toilet to see if it was floating in there because that is my worst fear-- getting water damage to the pump and having it not be covered by insurance.  It wasn't in the bathroom, so I start to pull all the sheets off the bed and it was lost in the comforter.  That feeling of relief soon left once I saw that my blood sugar was 310. 

It is a very scary thing to do.  My site was irritating me yesterday, whenever I would sit in a weird way i would get a sharp pain at the site so I think that in the middle of the night it hurt and I disconnected in my sleep.  The other time it happened I came home and it was late and i was very very very tired, so I disconnected to change but never re-connected until the morning.  So I should of been more conscious when i feel asleep these nights, especially if i was feeling pain at my site I should have changed it, and maybe avoided this problem.  Was there anything weird about your site when you went to bed?  


I don't know about sleep bolusing-- do you have the one-touch bolus feature?  I think it is complicated to bolus in your sleep since it is a series of buttons and if you were to get to the bolus screen you would have to change buttons to increase carbohydrates and then return to the original button to continue the bolus.