Discrimination in After School Activities / Summer Day Camps

I recently tried to switch my son, Austin (5), who has T1 from our long time daycare to an after school taekwondo program in northwest San Antonio.  He and my dauthter (10) were complaining they were board with the daycare afterschool, and wanted something more fun.

We had several meetings with the taekwondo school staff, one of which is a retired RN, and went over a care plan, doctor's orders, emergency procedures, and gave training.  We did a one week trial of the after school program, and it went well.  The school staff "upsold" me on year-round program that included summer day camp, and we signed a 1-year contract for both kids.  Things were going well until Good Friday, when he stayed all day (I came by at lunch to give him his shot).  Austin had an afternoon low (63) and told the school taekwondo staff he felt low and needed to check his sugar.  He checked, knew he was low, got a snack, and was back in the game.  The problem is that the TKD school staff wasn't - the low scared them to the point that they refused to allow him to participate in any all day session or thier summer camp - even though we already signed a 1-year contract when they knew about his diabetes and a care plan was established and agreed to.

The owner called me a few days later and said he called the "ADA people" and was told he HAD to accept Austin in his summer camp, but he still refused to have the summer camp staff assist with injections...  The whole point of the camp is that my wife and I both work, so this isn't workable for us.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?  Stories of success?  Advice?

I've contacted an attorney to discuss my rights for breach of contract, and I'm looking at filing a complaint with the DOJ for ADA Title III discrimination. 

After the way they've treated my family, I don't want to legally force my kids back into thier summer day camp - but I do want to see them change their policy.

Thanks to all.

I have not had this situation happen to us yet but I just wanted to say how lame.  Don't our kids have enough to deal with without having to be left out of things too?  My daughter was not invited to a birthday party because the parents thought she could not have cake and they did not want her to be uncomfortable.  I wish they would have just talked to me.  I really hope you go through with filing a complaint, may help someone down the road.  Good luck.

In addition to the contract, do you have anything in writing where they signed the original plan of care?

Have you tried to sit down with them and explain that a low of 63 is a common occurance and not a big deal?

Ack! Good luck -- I wish I had better advice.