We are travelling by plane for the first time since my son's diagnosis(2 1/2 years ago). We are heading to Disneyland from Vancouver, BC and was wondering if there are any tips any of you parents can provide me. We are going in late October for a week!!! My son is also on a minimed pump!!! Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!!!  Thanks all :)

Congratulations! At that time of year I'm sure you guys will have a blast!

I'm sure this has been thought of already, but make sure that several weeks before you leave you get a note from your endocrinologist explaining your son's diagnosis and what medical supplies need to be kept on him/you at all times—including the testing supplies, snacks, waters, etc. We haven't had any problems with DisneyWorld down in Florida, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Our endo said that she recommends it just because there are some crazy places out there that still want to be a little prejudicial about allowing needles, or even snacks, through security even though anyone can plainly see what the supplies are for. Plus, it will probably help expedite those pesky airport security checkpoints. And make several copies, keep them everywhere so there's always one available.

Make sure you have twice as much as everything needed, and keep at least 1/2 of it in your carry-on luggage.

Disney is a great place to visit and their staff will be more than helpful with anything you need.

We are also traveling this summer, first time too.  I plan to also have a paper prescription for her insulin...in case we lose or drop or whatever her insulin. I know you can have prescriptions transferred and all that in an emergency, but if my pharmacy back home is closed, or the fax doesn't work, etc, I don't want to be in a hard position,  I thinking being able to walk into any pharmacy and have it filled is easiest.  I know insurance may not cover it right away, or at all if we break or lose it, but my first concern will be her health and safety and having the paper script reassures me,  

We go to Disneyland quite a bit. They are really easy to work with!! My kiddo carries her supplies in a small backpack which they sorta look through before you get in to the actual park. She always tells them she has diabetic supplies, but nobody has ever even looked twice. I carry a backpack full of food, juice boxes, frozen water bottles, etc and extra clothes for the evening. They have lockers you can rent for the day for about $10. We stick the frozen water bottles in with some food and just stop by periodically to "re-fuel". We rarely purchase food in the park because most of the vendors do not have carb information. If you are not vegetarian, Bengal BBQ in Adventureland across from the Indiana Jones ride has 2 "flavors" of kebabs that are all meat, and one that is bacon wrapped asparagus so we do eat there, because they are free snacks (there is one that is teriyaki too, but not sure of the carbs) and we love it!

If you go into Downtown Disney, the UVA Bar (its an outdoor bar/restaurant) has some really great food options for kids too. They have a flank steak with carrots and mashed potatoes that is easy to calculate and really yummy. I like their kids menu because it offers more than just corn dogs and hamburgers.

Like I said, we really do go a lot, so if there is anything you have a question about, I'm happy to help!

Have fun!!

We traveled to Disney World in Florida last year, just one year after my daughter had been diagnosed.  I was nervous, she was only 4, but she got diagnosed 2 days after her 3rd birthday and I needed to make her 4th birthday something special.  And I must say Disney was the perfect place.  T

Everyone was very accommodating.  If you make reservations for any of the Character Dining experiences you can make a special food request.  We went to Mickey's Backyard BBQ and they knew Emma was coming, the chef came out and brought a variety of food options for her to have on the table as alternates, it was wonderful.

We did bring a note from her Endo for both Disney and the Airport to indicate that she needed to travel with needles/insulin/etc.  as well as juice packs/snacks for emergencies.  No one gave us any problems, I called ahead to TSA to make sure we had what we needed.  As for Disney, we went to the customer service desk when we arrived and they provided us with a pass so that she didn't have to wait on extra long lines. I don't know how old your son is but a toddler with a high or low in a long line makes for not a pleasant experience, for all.  So that really helped to allow everyone to enjoy the trip.

I can only say, pack extra everything.  Better to be prepared.  And any questions you have I found that the people at Disney are more than happy to answer all of your questions.  

We can't wait to go back.  I hope you have a wonderful trip!