Hi all,

My family and I are going to disneyland in a few weeks and we were wondering what precautions we should take to waterproof my Girlfriends insulin Pump for rides such as splash mountain and priates. We already know how to take care of spikes and lows but waterproofing has been an issue and we do not know where to start

I always wore my pump under my clothes (side band of my bra) and I never took any special precautions. I think dampness is not a big deal. I did always disconnect it though. Sometimes the gravity from the drop can force a bit of extra insulin out. I would typically go low after the Splash Mountain ride. Don't know if it was the adrenaline or the pump issue I mentioned. Have fun.


one thing that you can do is actually disconnect her from her pump, place the pump in a locker at the park (most amusement parks have lockers that you can rent daily).

obviously you can't just leave her disconnected for the whole day, but what you can do is every few hours, go back to the locker, test her blood sugar, and add up the basals for the next few hours (however long you'll be gone) and bolus that basal total, to cover her for a few hours.

i know this isn't the best strategy healthwise but it might be the best option. especially if you're just gonna worry all day about "what if her pump gets wet, or breaks..."

At Disneyworld I had a cheap poncho that I stuffed in the backpack. I put it on before going on Kali River Rapids. Pump stayed dry. If you go to the dollar store before you go you can get a few. When it gets wet, you can toss it instead off stuffing a wet poncho back in your bag

most pumps are waterproofed already, where if they have brief exposure to water (such as dropping it in a bathtub or pool) they will be ok. other than animas, none of the pumps can sustain being in water for an extended period of time. if she has an animas, she can swim with it and be fine. although you can get fairly wet at the disney parks, unless she is completely submerged in water, it shouldn't be enough to be concerned about. just my two cents.

If she is worried about her pump getting wet on rides, she can place her pump in a plastic baggie while still being connected and just zip it up to the corner so there is only enough room for the cord to stick out. Obviously this wouldnt prevent water from a pool but it will prevent water from reaching it on splashing rides.

Wait, I want to go to Disneyland....take me please:)