Distressing problem

I have a distressing problem. I've had so many night-time lows in the past, that it is not unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night and eat even if I'm not low! Has anyone else had this happen to them? It is distressing for me because I've had an eating disorder in the past and am still very conscious of gaining weight. Also, I usually wake up with a much too high BG in the morning. All suggestions and comments would be most welcome!

Hi Caroline,

Please don't be distressed or discouraged.  Fortunately there is a rational explanation for everything just waiting to be found.

When you awake in the middle of the night with hypoglycemic symptoms, I assume you test your blood sugar befor eating anything.  Yes?  And, if you discover that your blood sugar is not low, what do you do?  If you discover that it is low (what is low for you?) what do you eat?  What time do you usually have dinner?  Do you test your sugar after dinner just before going to bed?  A CGM, even for a week or two, would probably reveal something about the problem, but you can figure it out without it.  BTW... you don't look like you have a weight problem from your photo :) LOL



It does sound like you need to adjust your intake levels that take you low in the middle of the night.  You are probably not sleeping through the night b/c of the nightly swings.  I had that issue at one point as well.  While it was a pain - I ended up doing an overnight sleep study - checking sugars - sleep apnea (even though I wasn't snoring) etc.  I had a bad case of morning phenomena too - this sugars hight no matter what I did.   As it turned out for me, I had hyperapnea which was sending me high and low so we got that under control.   Having said that - I'm not saying go run out and get a sleep study done - try to fine tune the overnight sugars with your endo and see if you start to sleep through the night.  Paul's idea of a CGM for a night or two might be the way to go!   Good luck!