Okay, so who else has been in DKA multiple times? I'm not even sure I could tell you how many times i've ended up in the hospital because of it, in fact....I'm in the hospital now recovering from a bout with DKA on friday. I seem to go into it so easily. Whether I'm taking care of myself or not. If I get sick, i go into it. If I let up on taking care of myself for a few days, I go into it.  Its so frusturating, I should probably own a wing in the hospital here becuase I feel like I'm in here so much.

I guess what I want to know is that I'm not alone and there are others out there that have the same problems.



I personally have not had too many issues with this ... however my sister has always seemed to struggle... its interesting because there is that old term 'brittle diabetic'  and even tho many people don't use it anymore it definately holds some truth. 

I dont have any advice to offer you... but ... just know you are not alone... and Im sure there are many others as well. 

Don't worry you're not alone. I have gone into DKA multiple times too, mostly because of bad pump sites. It's very scary to me just because nothing seems to take care of it except TONS of insulin at the hospital. Although lately I haven't had any DKA I know how it feels. Don't get me wrong though, I know my experiences are probably way different than yours, but I do have a basic understanding.

Thanks for the post, and stay healthy(!!!!!),

Anna Marie

you are deffintley not alone. i went into DKA twice within 3 months last year!!

OMG i just had dka for the first time and they said my brain almost swelled and killed me .  What did they do to you in the hospital?

I actually have the same problem....not quite so much, but really often. I've had to be taken to a bigger city by helicopter because I was in a coma from it once, and then almost that bad another time. It seems like every time I get sick, I get really dehydrated and my doctor said the being dehydrated is part of what causes DKA. So what I've learned is to always drink a LOT LOT LOT of fluids all the time. Sure it might make u have to go to the bathroom a lot more, but it kept me healthier. And when I'm sick, it's hard to make myself drink fluids, but it helped keep me from going into DKA multiple times.

If you know you are prone to ketones and DKA you really should be drinking A LOT of water and liquids during the day because you are more inclined to DKA if your body is dehydrated. I am not a good drinker myself and I try so hard to stay hydrated especially after gym workouts because I tend to get ketones very quickly. I think the more you stay hydrated the better you are in the long run and it will prevent it from happening so much.