Do any diabetic moms have children with hypoglycemia?

I'm wondering if any diabetic moms have non-diabetic children that have problems with low blood sugar?

As a T1 I'm always paranoid that my son will also become diabetic.   I'm always looking for symptoms and every once in awhile I can get him to test his sugar.  It's always fine. 

Recently, I'm thinking my son may have just the opposite problem.  To summarize - he's having problems in school with inappriopriately crying, lack of concentration and he complains of headaches often.  He's always been somewhat of a cry baby and we figured that he's a sensitive kid but he'd eventually out grow it but he's not.  Subsequently, the kids are beginning to laugh at him and the teacher basically told us that we should proactively do something instead of just hoping he'd grow out of it. 

So putting a lot of thought into his behavior and picking his brain a little.  I'm starting to think that at least part of the problem may be that he's becoming hypoglycemia during the day.  His peditrician told me it's rare for non-diabetic children to have a consistant problem with hypoglycemia but I'm not convinced.    When my son was born his blood sugar was low (46) and continued to drop.  He was put on a glucose IV and his sugar eventually stabilized.  Low blood sugar is common in newborns of diabetic moms (although I was suprised that his sugar was so low since during labor (14 hours) they had a difficult time keeping my blood sugar up and I don't think it ever went higher than 65).  Also, both my mother and sister tend to become hypoglcemic if they go too long without eating.. 

Anyway, I'm wondering if any diabetic moms have had similar problems with any of their children?

well i am not a mom but i have T1. my friend has trouble with low blood sugars all the time and her mom has diabetes. my friend's teachers won't let her have something to eat when she is about to faint. i worry for her and i suggested that she get a medic alert necklace that says Hypoglycemic.

I would talk to your endo about it, see what they say to get a second opinion. My mom gets low if she doesn’t eat(tho not as often it seems your son does, then again she snacks on chips and tea and coke all day while working on her articles). Her dad was a Type 2, her other son is a Type 2(at least that’s what I picked up while eavesdropping about 5years back) and I am a Type 1.

Why not look into food allergies?

He may not be hypo glycemic but if he is then it is probably alot more likely that he will be much more prone to type 2. I'd suspect food allergies at this point.

You may be on to something- I would trust your gut reactions. I am a T1, and have seen some strange things going on with my daughter. I tested her periodically over the last year and never found anything out of whack except during this past week. I think children burn through sugar so fast that it is hard to detect a problem. I am taking my daughter in for tests this week, so I was searching for any information that might help me- that is how I found your post. My daughter has the same symptoms as your son, as well as some other symptoms of high blood sugar. So I suspected she may be alternating from lows to highs which can cause the problems that I have been seeing. Just to make sure, I tested her right after a high sugar drink- gave it 20 minutes, and sure enough, it was high. I am about to start following through with her, but your post makes sense to me- maybe it is a sign something is wrong. The only thing you can do is keep testing him. If running low is common in your family, he might have that. All I know is that moms know their kids, regardless of what doctors say, and we know when something is wrong. 

My ex-wife's mom was diabetic and she had hypoglycemia. Come to think of it I once before dx. I used her meter, about a year before my dx. and it said 212. I thought this was ok as had just eaten, how little did I know then.LOL