Do any of you feel guilty?

This is a vent for me, but I guess this is directed more at teens or people who don't pay their health insurance like, independently.

This weekend I walked by my dad's office and saw him looking at two HUGE bins filled to the brim with papers. 

"Taxes?" I asked. He glared at me. He was just being very cold, unlike his usual self. Since I was diagnosed he's been nothing but supportive.

"Medical papers and information."

He spent the entire weekend sorting through bills and papers hardly ever leaving his office. It really hit me how much my illness has affected my family. We've always been pretty fortunate, and luckily my family has great health insurance, but my medical expenses have added up like crazy. The psychiatric hospitalization and DKA emergencies, psychotropics, and other supplies must be a fortune. My parents won't even tell me how much everything costs. I'm the only person in my family that needs a lot of medication. My brother has mild asthma, but other than that, my immediate family is completely healthy. Before my diagnosis, I'd never even broken a bone, been to a hospital (other than my birth and the birth of my brother), or even had a cavity!

I just don't know how to get rid of all this guilt, it's becoming very overwhelming, and it's only getting worse.

I know how you feel, we just have to remember our parents love us and will do anything to help us.  Just try to accept your condition and you will feel better.

Hope you feel better!!

I'm a parent.  When my son had a serious (non-diabetic) medical problem, I never felt burdened by him.  I've just done whatever I have to to make him healthy.  

I've always loved my parents and knew they loved me.  But it wasn't until I had a child that I experienced the fierce, sacrificial love a parent has for his/her child.  I never realized how intense my parents' love was for me, until I felt it for my son.  

The stress that comes from raising any kid is eclipsed by the joy of being a parent and helping your child grow up and have a good life.  Your parents wouldn't trade you for anything.

Its tough being an adult.....Lots of bills and responsibilities.

If your recently diagnosed there is a big learning curve for everyone. Do your part by taking your health serious and continue to thrive.

Your parents are trying to figure it out just like you are. It will all be OK.

Enjoy being young and have no doubts that your parents would do everything in there power to provide for you....Like mentioned above its hard to understand a parents love until you walk in those shoes.

Thanks everyone, I really, really appreciate it. (:

I've actually had diabetes for three years. I only recently started taking care of myself though!

Just remember that it isn't you that he is upset at or about. You did nothing wrong to cause you to feel guilty. I have felt guilty before, but my mom reassured me many times about how it isn't my fault and that shes there to support me. I have had issues with my dad about money, but it is more of because he cares about me and no one wants to see you go through with what your are dealing with. Just keep a good control of your diabetes and don't feel guilty. Just stay positive and remember that you will always have a great support of people behind you :)

Hi Gabby,

I seriously doubt your parents blame you at all. If you think they do maybe you can work that out with a therapist. I have 3 kids. One is pretty healthy, one has type 1 and one has emotional troubles brought on by worrying about his sister's type 1.

The problem with that paperwork is a feature of our health care system. Insurance companies need to try avoiding paying as many claims as possible so they can make a profit. People with illnesses suffer because of it.

Hey Gabby-

Its totally normal for you to feel that way - im 15 so my parents have to take me all round to docs ( i have an appointment almost everyweek cuz i have bout 4 more conditions other than the betes )

You shouldnt feel guilty- you didnt get diabetes on purpose, not to mention its your parents job as duty of care. Plus i know they'd rather take u to ur specialist and see you happy n healthy than not take you and you getting sick. Whereas im pretty well off with the financial thing cuz i live in Australia we have a special program that gets T1D's there equipment alot cheaper