Do have a name for your meter or pump

ok lets see who has a name for there meter or pump I call my meter rose and my lanet is jack the ripper what name do you have?

there've been a couple of threads like this, but since it's one of my favorite subjects - my pump is Agamemnon. 

HAL, with the subtitle, "Cat Lady in Training."

See 2001 for Hal reference...

My meter is called Dracula and the lancet is the pain pen.LOL

My pump is named Chello.  I have three meters, all the same kind...  they are nameless, but I suppose I should try to find names for them.  Something along the lines of "larry, Curly and Moe"?

my pump is ping diddy. i haven't named the meter.

my pump is Scamper and my tester is Clayton both after Charmayne James's gold buckle  barrel horse

never considered that! I'm gunna have to come up with names :)

Don,t worry Jessie, it's not a prerequisite...  You don't have to give them back if you don't name them!  LOL