Do I sign him up for camp against his will?

I heard such wonderful things about D camp, I know he'd have a great  time, meet others (not feel so alone), and learn a ton.

He insists he won't like it and doesn't want to go. I think he is a bit scared about being away from home.

There is one opening left - what do I do?


I am not sure what camp you are sending him to, however, for our son, Nathan, it was the best choice we could have made for him.  He was diagnosed in May of 2000 and our Endocrinologist wanted us to send him that summer.  I was not ready to let him go to away that soon.  It is Camp Sweeney in Gainesville, Texas and is 3 weeks long, had I known more about the camp I might have been more okay with it.  We did however send him the next summer after learning more about the camp.  We didn't ask him if he wanted to go just more or less signed him up and took him to camp.  It was hard for him and for us but it was the best choice we could have made for him. He has attended every year since then and plans to go back to be a counselor, and this summer will be a CIT.  This marks his 10th year at camp and I cannot imagine a world without him at Camp Sweeney.  He learned to give us own shots at camp.  It put him in an environment where everyone is the same and not different, and not made fun of because of their disease.  (The kids at my sons school use to tease him about his monitor - kids can be so cruel.)  I did learn that he cried that first year when he heard a song that reminded him of me however he still wanted to go back the next year.  We have even flown him in for camp when we lived out of state.  He has made lifelong friends.  He keeps in touch with his friends via text, email, Facebook and they have even gotten together for small outings outside of camp.  I recommend camp to everyone I meet that has never experienced it.  I hope this helps.  For our son and family, it was the right choice.

Thank you Dee.

I got a call from the oganizer and there is only one opening left for him - I have to let her know by Mon because there are other kids on a waiting list.

Your comments really helped me. I almost wish I didn't offer him a choice. Just signed him up.   I think you did it right.