Do the Big Blue Test!

Save a life, watch this video! That easy!


I've been posting this video on ALL of my friends' pages on FB. They might hate me for spamming them, but whoever visits their page is going to see this video and hopefully watch it once or twice... or a few times. I've posted it on over 100 pages and will finish up the rest tomorrow :o) I can't even count how many times I've watched it!

Only 60 more views and we've reached our goal of 100,000 views! That = $75,000 of donated insulin! 

HUGE thanks to everyone to watched the video and passed it along.

Keep clicking to make sure we reach 100,000 before tomorrow! :D:D:D

The big blue test is 2pm today (your time zone). I haven't seen any results posted but maybe people just forgot :D

Mine's going to start in 2 minutes! (I probably shouldn't have ate those cookies...) I'll post my results :D:D

i probably wont be home at 2pm so i cant promise i'll do the test =/ i'll try but if i'm shopping im likely to forget

that's ok, batts! shopping counts as exercise! you're walking :D


bg pre-big blue test = 172.

bg post-big blue test = 146.


i played around on the wii fit doing the body test, balance games, and aerobic games. i was pretty sweaty after 20 minutes! :D





1400 test: 181 mg/dl (2 hr post prandial)

Exercise: about 14 minutes of bike riding through neighborhood streets

1424 test: 112 mg/dl

I had previously explored the neighborhood for an appropriate 14 minute route.


Big Blue Test (and Fasting Blood Glucose): 93 mg/dl!

Big blue test: before breakfast 137

after 2 hours 113

this was after i went to church this am

this was a very cool event!  it is great to see the power of exercise!

I did my tests and workout on the beach, here in Colombia.  Check out my video and results on my blog here--