Do things taste funny when your low?

Hey everybody i hope that im now the only one out there for this but just wondering if im the only one that thinks that apple juice or orange juice tastes different to you when your low even though its freshly made but i'll tell my brother or my dad that it tastes funny and they'll tell me that it tastes just fine and to drink it. does anybody have experience with something along these lines???

Hey Mary,

I definitely think things taste different when I am low. Sometimes I feel like my tastebuds have completely disappeared from the inside of my mouth or my tongue has gone numb it is the weirdest thing.

Yeah Mary, different for sure.  But a lot of times I think stuff tastes better once I've had my juice and moved on to a snack.

yeah they do, I get this weird metallic taste in my mouth and it makes orange juice taste bitter it's really gross.

The funny taste is the worst part because when I am low and something tastes "funny" to me, why would I eat it? But there are defintily different tastes in my mouth than when I am in normal range. The bad taste annoys me even more though when it is at night and I wake up and treat the low if I need to. More so when I have something that is carbohydrates, I will wake up with a nasty taste in my mouth that makes me want to scrub my tongue with anything to make it go away.

Yeah Gina i get that same feeling with my tongue too!! my friends who arnt T1 dont have a clue what it feels like and my dad and bro just stare at me funny when i make my grossed out faces when i drink my juice when treating a low its so emabarssing sometimes.

yeah they do.... i cant taste much when im low and my toungue goes numb....

things taste terrible when I'm low...especially those glucose tabs

When I could still feel my lows many things would taste odd, especially bananas.  Someone mentioned things tasting metallic and I found that to be true as well, and my mouth would also sometimes go numb.  Now that I'm hypo unaware none of that happens anymore.  I can taste everything normally, no numbness, nothing seems off. 

i think things taste better when i'm low. i always crave milk and toast and pb or crackers and pb