Do you ever experience lows and/or highs without even noticing?

Do you experience lows and/or highs without even noticing? 

You can.  There are phenomenons called Hypoglycemia Unawareness and Hyperglycemia Unawareness, which is hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia without any of the classic or standard symptoms.

I've been known to have that happen to me and can get pretty low without noticing. (33 mg/dL)  At least for me, it's eased both as I've been a diabetic longer and as my control has tightened.  My single symptom, which I eventually grew to recognize, was feeling suddenly way too warm. (Beyond what I should be feeling)

Can't say I miss highs, though.  My eyes usually start feeling gummy or swollen (think allergy-type eye trouble), which can be the first sign I'm sitting too high.  Again, as I've been a diabetic longer and my control has improved, I'm noticing this sooner.

Yes. I have had hypoglycemic unawareness numerous times. Here is a link explaining more of what it is, how it happens, and how to reverse it. Hope it helps!

I actually had this happen to me twice, first time I fell asleep and I was woken up by my father and sister asking if I was ok, then it happened today before my walk, I was at 53 mg/dL, I wasnt even gonna check good thing i did

Often as I have tight control and am hypoglycemic unaware.  Am in the process of acquiring a Diabetic Alert Dog as CGM didn't work for me

Yes, it happened to me quite regular for a while. 2 years ago it happened to me on my way to work and I was involved in a 1 car accident, I ran off the road, and was picked up by an abulance with a BG of 20. That was the day I decided to get a pump. And now I have tighter control and regonize the syptoms alot sooner.

I had it too after about 25 years with diabetes.  I'd feel totally fine and be surprised when I tested and my blood sugar was 19.  Eventually I had early morning low blood sugars that left me unconscious.  I would have died if my husband hadn't been there been there to get cake frosting, and orange juice once I was coherent enough to swallow, in my mouth.  

When I got the insulin pump my blood sugars drastically improved and the hypo unawareness reverse.

Plus I always test before I drive.  And as a new mom I tested frequently anytime I was home alone with my baby so I didn't put us in danger.