Do you ever learn to

relax about night time lows? Ugh Riley doesnt wake up for them. We check her at 2 a.m. no matter what. We didnt the first week home because she was still toxic and running pretty high. Then she had her first normal number and we started. I have had to treat her 4 or so times now and I have a really hard time just relaxing about it. Her room is upstairs right next to ours but she doesnt make noises when low and sleeping (lol the video they showed us in the hospital the girl was grunting so I for some reason expected her too) I have a hard time letting her sleep downstairs with her brothers. I do but cant relax.

I still worry every night about nighttime low.  I don't think it ever goes away.  I imagine calling my son when he is 40 asking him or his wife what his number was before he went to bed. :)

Our endo and educator said if he is under 130 right before bed then he needs a snack.  I usually go with 150 or 160 though cause I am a worrier.  He wakes up between 110-125.  I do occassionally check him at 2:00am.  Not every night though--If his numbers have been goofy, he had a busy day, extra physical activity etc.

Riley gets bed time snack no matter what her numbers are and typically its ice cream or a mini tortilla with cheese. Last night at bed time snack she was at 76 after her ive cream she was 75 so I gave her just a little bit of juice. She was feeling really hungry and she was shaky and pale too. It picked her right up and she was at 133 at 2 a.m. then at 6:45 just 15 min from her normal school day wake up time she was at 61. Yesterdays numbers were about the same over night and at 6:25 she was at 76. I dont just babbling cause I hate the lows.

I agree with moosesmom, you never stop worrying. But, when her numbers are a little more stable for a longer length of time it will get easier. I am a very light sleeper because I keep myself alert all night. I still use a baby monitor and if I hear Brandan tossing a lot or whining in his sleep I'll get up and check him. I also do a lot of random checks. If his numbers were off before he went to bed or if he had a tough day and sometimes just to check.

My son was dx March 24 of last year. He has only once had a low at night. I only wake him now if he has had a lot of exercise,been sick or had strange numbers during the day. If he is <120 I double his night snack. If he has has had extra exercise during the day, I lower his nighttime NPH. We are far enough into this by now that out DNE tells me to adjust his insulin myself depending on his numbers, activity...I check him overnight 1-3 times per week. His numbers are always high overnight usually near or over 200, but he always wakes up between 100-150.

Could your daughter's insulin need to be lowered? I would contact her endo or DNE to see if she needs her insulin adjusted. She was only dx a few weeks ago,  she shouldn't have overnight lows like that.

When my son was first dx, it all seemed such a mystery why his numbers would be a certain way at a certain time. You learn to make little adjustments over time. The lows are scary. There is so much to learn with this disease. Hang in there it will get better. 

We have been dealing with night time lows for aboutn 2 weeks now. But i think we have finally gotten them under control (for now)... If Shyla was under 160 she was going to be low at her 3am (i've been waking at 3am and doing her BG since day one). But my biggest delima was trying to figure out what to give her for a snack that would hold her over until morning time. I just find it so wild that most people are telling there kids not to eat before bed time and here we are telling ours they have to eat... Of course Shyla thinks this is one of the cool things about having diabetes because before she was diagnosed i would have never let her have cookies before bedtime. :)......But i found she has to have at least a 25 carb snack before she goes to bed or she will be low by morning.......................and i don't even relax even if i am in the living room and she is in her bedroom. I'll yell back and just ask if she is Ok. She'll get to the point where she'll tell me to leave her alone and she'll let me know if she feels bad to love kids and their responces....I hope as this becomes more apart of our lives (since it's only been a little over a month since Shyla was diagnosed) i will be able to relax a little more but i know i'll never stop relaxing all together. I guess that just that parent instinct in us

This weekend is our first weekend not calling our DNE. She has known about all the others. She just seems to run much lower on weekends than during the week.  Tho her lows are all at random times and days. So its hard to really find a pattern with the low lows. I think I am going to start doing the extra carbs at bed time snack if she is on the lower end. That wasnt given to us as a option but I am sick of her lows.

She is suppose to have 15 carbs for all her snacks. Her bedtime one we were told she could have just a little more if it was ice cream and to buy the real stuff not the sugar free stuff and I have to say it does last longer being real. I have no problems giving her more carbs to last longer over night to prevent the lows. Normally if she is low I give her a rounded half cup of ice cream instead of level so I guess I already kinda do that.

My son is also inconsistent at night.  Could be 300 could be 50 - and the other 3-4 days a week he is on target.  I do a couple of things.  He goes to bed between 7:30 - 8pm.  I check him at 9:30 and try not to correct if the number is just a "Little off".  Then I check at around 10:30 and see how quckly he is rising or falling.  At this point I correct to about 150.  Then I check him in the middle of the night every night.  I don't set an alarm - I just wait until I naturally go through a sleep cycle and check him.  Usually around 2am. He sleeps through it all - he will drink from a juice box in his sleep and I can do the pump when he is high.  I also use a baby monitor.  Since I imagine I will use it for many years, I splurged on the Phillips one - it is silent until they trigger it by making a noise - no static.  Also, on Sat mornings when I want to sleep in (due to lack of sleep)  I can talk to him from my bed on the monitor and ask him to check his bs when I hear him wake up - afterwards I turn it off and enjoy the sleep!!!!