Do you get emotional with high blood sugars?

Ive not been having a good blood sugar week, went to go see the endo's nurse to change my treatment because my levels are a little out of control right now.

but my question is anyone else get really emotional when they are high? I feel like i get upset about the littlest things sometimes lol. like i almost feel like im going cry  for what seems like no reason when my blood sugar is high, or i get annoyed at things really easily. anyone else?

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i get annoyed at things really easily.


YES.  I am so impatient and grumpy when I'm high.  It's ridiculous.

im in university and i get so annoyed when im sitting there listening to the lecture and im high in class lol

I've seen this topic discussed many times, on several sites. Most people do seem to be irritable when they have high blood sugar. There are some who have different emotions. I get depressed and very quiet. I don't want any discussion and just want to take my correction bolus and wait it out with peace and quiet.

hey i also get pretty weird when my blood sugars get high, i can't get to thinking straight, and i get into everyone's bad side. but the thing that helps me is to keep calm and to keep hopeful....the blood sugar will go down.

I get VERY irritable when "I'm high".  I have no patience for anything, I snap people's head off, have a sudden love of the F word (which I normally hate), I want to scream, kick, scratch, bite and cry all at once--anything to get my frustration/anger/irritability/high, to go away.  It's such a switch from 'me'.  Needless to say, I hate it. 

Yeah, I get very irritable and frustrated.  And it's hard to focus, which makes me even more irritable and frustrated.

I wouldn't say emotional as much as nasty. I am downright cruel sometimes and I always feel horrible about it when I get back to normal.

i get really emotional an upset.. really easy.

Oh, yes that's me!! LOL

YES! i always cry really easily when my bg's are high! 

I get really emotional when I'm high too, it's ridiculous. I'm not an emotional person AT ALL but when I'm super high I get angry at the smallest things and get upset really easily. It sucks :/ 

My son has Diabetes Type 1, he is almost 8 years old. When I read this question regarding if you get emotional with high blood sugars. All I can say is what I have experience with my son. I notice that his blood sugars definitely can effect his moods. When he is high for to long a time it dose make him more irritable and it seems to be harder for him to considerate. As for the emotional part for him it seems to be more when he is with lower blood sugars, but this does effect everyone differently.

I get irritated quickly and am a complete GROUCH !!    I'm definitely not good company if my blood sugar is too high, lol.

YES YES YES!! I can be a total grouch when my levels are high. I usually get a weird taste in my mouth and a bit of a stomach ache. So, that definitely makes me emotional when my levels are high. I feel like every little thing annoys me to no end, and I usually end up isolating myself somewhere (to spare everyone lol). I can relate to being in school - I'm trying to finish a Masters thesis :P

I just came on here in tears with a bg of 400 and started laughing at how typical I felt after reading all the girls' comments.  I cry SO EASILY WHEN I'M HIGH IT'S RIDICULOUS.

I get extremely irritable when high and then of course the stress form whatever I'm mad at raises  me more (stress increases my insulin need 10 to 15%).

I can get very annoyed and impatient when I'm high.  Every high is different, though.  

haha....  well the other day i had a bg of around 400 (i had an occlusion at my infusion site), and I started to cry when I saw the number on my meter.  obviously a bit of an overreaction...  :-)

I get super emotional and upset like really easy

one time when i had my bday party a long time ago i was low and emotional and refused to check my sugar my bff threatned to stab me with the bs tester needle

it worked i was LO no readin