Do you get emotional with high blood sugars?

Your deff not alone.. with my highs i get frustrated and little things annoy/bother me to the point where i cry.. idk why but thats just what happens lol

My 4 yr old son gets very emotional when his numbers are high. he cries a lot and gets very upset over every little thing. Tonight before bed, his number was 307. He was very upset we wouldn't let him eat a cookie before bed, so I don't know if his number was high because of how upset he was or if he was that upset because his number was high.

I would have to say i usually find myself feeling  depressed and just wanting to be alone.

Oh yeah, My 2.5 year old daughter gets very  irritated and cries alot for no apparent reason. 

When my blood glucose gets high....WATCH OUT!!!!! I'm b****y, snapping everyone's head off and have the urge to sleep for hours on end....and I'm normally fine (until I get to the 200's).

YES times a million!! I am SUPER grumpy when my blood sugars are high....pretty much in a horrible mood until my blood sugars come down!!

Oh my! There aren't words to describe it! I get emotional, irritable, and everything else! I can't concentrate on anything or think straight! It's crazy!!!!