Do you have any crazy/ weird stories from when your blood sugar was low?

So when my blood sugar gets low i crave peanut butter and crackers, which is weird because when my blood sugar is high peanut butter and crackers makes me want to throw up. You know that tingly feeling that you get in your foot or hand when it falls asleep? thats what happens to my toungue, it gets all tingly like its falling asleep and it wont go away until my blood sugar is high. one day my blood sugar was low all day and it didnt go away until the next day. also when im low i do crazy things and say crazy stuff...


So what happens to u when u get low? Do you get hyper or do you get quiet? Have u ever done anything absolutely crazy? Do you have a really weird symptom or something like that? U can just say anything u want about having low blood sugar =)


I usualy crave popcorn shrimp of all things, and apple juice. I get really hyper and act the opposite of how I usually do, which is kind of boring. One time, and this really happened, I woke up and I was 40, and I was convinced I was a 73 year old woman named Margaret. which was sort of funny, but when I realized what happened I flipped out! I'm usually higher than lower though.

i start to feel like im falling off of a cliff, lol! i start to feel scared and get really quiet (which is TOTALLY NOT like me) i also have weird feelings, like something bad is going to happen (but nothing ever does, thank god.) and other than those things, nothing really.

yeah, sometimes i get the same way, i get all quiet. other times i get all hyper.

yeah, sometimes i get the same way, i get all quiet. other times i get all hyper.

I get dizzy and my head starts to spin. I say the dumbest things. Then I will either get really quite or I will start trying to pick s fight with everybody around me.

I can remember once when my blood sugar was 70 something and I got really crazy! I was at my grandparent's house and couldn't see straight and started running into walls. I couldn't pick anything up bcz every time I did I dropped it again! It wasn't fun...

Another time I walked into a car bcz it got down to 38..

Ugh.  I just feel really weird and sorta light headed.  Also a mild feeling of when a foot falls asleep all over.  My sis went down to 19 once, and she's had 2 seizures when she's low.

When I'm low, I generally feel really dizzy. I can't talk or form a coherant thought most of the time. Almost all of the time, I feel like I want to die, which definitely isn't good.

One time, I was home alone (my parents were at a bridge tournament and my sis was at a friend's house), and my BG got down to 45. I got up, and we didn't have anything except grape juice, so I drank that. Then I called my mom, and she had my neighbor bring over some orange juice about an hour later. I stayed at 45 until my neighbor got to my house. I found out later that my mom had replaced the grape juice with diet grape juice, so it didn't have any carbs.

I've done something really crazy. So I'm in my choir lesson, right? (I'm by myself, so it's just me and my teacher in his office.) So I'm hiting this really high note and then realize something funky is going on. I stop singing for a second, just to figure it out. My choir teacher stops playing and asks if I'm ok. I then figure out I'm actually really low, and the next thing I know, I sank down to the floor, sitting against the wall. I had my head in my hands, because, I mean, it hurt. My teacher leans down beside me and asks what to do. I then told him to shut up and go away. Oops. (Yeah, I'm normally not mean. I feel really bad about it!) Anyway, he kinda freaked out cuz I would never do that normally.  He practically dragged me to the office. I felt so bad!

Wow these stories are all really funny! Well, the other day I was talking to my friend on the phone while sitting on my trampoline in the yard when I suddenly started laughing sooooo hard and being reeeeally hyper and random-which isnt that strange of me to do but it was a so out of the blue kind of hyperness cause i hadnt even eaten sugar. Then I realized I was low...I went inside and drank some juice but then suddenly,  I felt like I was about to faint and I sat down on the floor before I fell number was 37!!! It was really scary!

Also, when I have a low I am so weak and feel like my hands are shaking so hard-but in reality they are not even moving...really strange!

Well supposely this one time when i was at my grandma's house i knocked out on the couch and the next moment i noticed my dad sister next to me and i asked what was going my sis explained to me that my blood sugar was low and that when she handed me coke that i poured the drink into the cup of my hand and started sipping it...and i dont even remember..haha now i kno how it feels to be wasted...but yea i guess i was like a drunk

Probly the craziest low that i had was on my 12 birthday i had cake and sf ice cream did not give my self too much insulin for the sugars and carbs but apparently i lost conciousness and passed out in my closet my dog woke my friend JoAnne up who is a VERY HARD SLEEPER and she went to my parents and said "Mary's in the closet making funny noises" and the next thing i remember is waking up in the lap of a paramedic. that was a very interesting birthday lol.

Oh my gosh, I never thought that the tongue thing might be related to diabetes! That's so funny! None of my friends have ever experienced it but my tongue always feels weird and tingly after I do a big bolus. Does this happen to anyone else?

Ugh, the worst thing happened because of a low: I was the starring dancer in my school's musical last fall, and I kept messing up one night. I checked my sugar near the end of the first act and found that I was a little bit low. I drank about forty boxes of juice during intermission and suspended my insulin. I guess it wasn't enough, though, because during the finale I was in a big group line number, and I messed up the choreography; when everyone else was kicking their legs up I was on my hands and knees on the floor (which wasn't supposed to come until the next verse). When I got offstage I took my blood sugar, found that I was about 30, and promptly burst into tears. The worst part was that I had to do curtain call right after that! Luckily I had all of my supplies handy, so I squeezed a thing of icing down my throat and ran back into the wings!

Usually when I get low, I just get kind of cranky. Oh, and I always feel uncomfortably warm!

plenty of crazy story but the one i'll always remember is about two or three weeks after i got diagnosed i got back into cheerleading. i hadn't realy got into the routine of being prepared and al. i was at practice when i started to feel realy funny, so i checked my sugars, they were at 22 wel i didn't have anything with me i was going nuts. so i checked again a couple minutes later i was now at 12i'm ling on the floor and i feel lke i'm about to pass out. so one of the older girls on my team goes what do you need and i said carbs so she left the gym nbody knew where she went i called my house my mom and dad and nobody was answering any of the phones i thought i was going to die i felt terrible about a half an hour later the gym from my team comes running into the gym with a bagel and my mom finally calls me back ha that was a terrible experience i always have stuff with me ever since

When I get low you better get out of my way. I get mean. It's like i'm mad at the world. My hands and legs also start to feel weird. My hands go to sleep and it's like my legs can't support my weight. I also start to crave pickles for some reason. It takes forever to get my sugar back up.

One night my friends and I snuck out and we walked pretty far so one our way back home I started feeling low and walking slower and slower. One of my friends stayed with me and i was walking to and the side into the street haha so we walked and then i saw a cow but she said that there wasnt one there. Everyone else was way ahead so they got me some sugar and we met up at the high school. That was the funnest near death experiance ever lol

I never feel the same, really... Sometimes (when I'm really low) I get awfull headaces and it feels like I'm going down a very fast elevator :( and I feel like I'm shaking everywhere.  Once, when I was still little, I wouldn't get out of my uncle's car. He got really mad!! He didn't understand that I was going low, so he went complaining to my mom. When they came down I was nowhere to be found... In the end they found me sound asleep under a bush in our huge garden... Hehe! And once, when I was still a toddler I nagged my mom for food in the mall, but she was busy and she didn't realize I was low, so I went into the sweet shop and started eating the sweets out of those huge containers! My mom had some explaining to do! :)

 i space out when im low..... so i'll be staring off into space and my friends are like shannon u need to test!!! the lowest i've ever been was 32! when im high i just feel lik im gonna throw up!! idk whats the highest i've been..... but one time i was at camp and my numbers were through the roof the whole last night and they wouldnt let me give a correction with my pump!! they were like i wonder why your so high!!! and im like well if u let me give myself insulin i wouldnt be!!!! it was so frustrating!!

This one time I was at my church, like helping the priest or whatever during the service, and we were kneeling while he was giving his speal about whatever it was we were reflecting on, when all of a sudden I had like tunnel vision, and it wouldn't go away.  I thought I was like going blind so i started blinking like crazy, and the next thing I know my dad was running me down the stairs with my mom trailing behind babbling frantically.  I couldn't figure out why she was asking me if I could hear her because to me, it was obvious that I could, so I was like 'shut up, I can hear just fine.  Oh, by the way my shoe fell off.' and then my dad set me down at the bottom of the stairs and I had some juice.  It was really wierd, because I usually know when my BG's dropping. 

I feel like shakey and am usually dizzy or lightheaded.  This time there was no warning, I just couldnt see anything and then I passed out.  It was really scary.

And then the next day everyone at school was like 'are you ok?' and it took me awhile to figure out that they were referring to my episode at church.  haha. I think it freaked my friends out more than me.