Do you have any crazy/ weird stories from when your blood sugar was low?

when im low i crave chicken and chocolate and i am completly drained and i start to fall asleep out of no where and i yell alot

I sometimes get really irritable when I'm low. I often regret arguments with my parents/sister/friends once I realize that I'm low, and there is no point to the argument.

When I'm low I get really confused and I hate it when people ask me questions because it just confuses me even more. So one day I'm in the nurses office and I had just been 52 and this kid i didn't really like came in and stood right next to me and waited for the nurse. While he was waiting he started asking me all these questions about diabetes. I was trying to answer them but I just couldn't even think of the words to use, so i just yelled "Shut up and sit your butt down in the chair and wait for the nurse!" and then I left. But then I came back because I realized i was still low and had to have another juice. But when i came back the kid was sitting in his chair and didn't ask me anything else. Who knew I could be that effective when I'm low?

I get like really quiet at first then I get really really mean. I start saying mean things and then I get so sleepy. My legs start feeling like noodles and my hands go numb. Then I get really really really hungry. I tend to over eat when I'm low so the rebounds are really high. I get really confused and I get mad when people ask me all kinds of questions because I can't answer them strait. I also start to breathe like really fast. I feel like I'm hypervenelating. It also feels like the walls and everyone are closing in on me. One time I almost fought my best friend. Luckily my friends were there to hold me back and calm me down. I also say crazy things. It's like I'm speaking in a foregin language.

I was once 54 and woke up to a lovely hallucination... It was blue, looked like a jack-in-the-box, and appeared to be coming out of the window. I screamed, after thinking it was out to get me, then I finally got up and checked my bg.

It's weird, sometimes I'm 65 and really shaky and feel like I'm going to pass out, but I can be 27 and functioning perfectly fine.

oh i totally do the same thing Jackie! not the hallucinations...thats wierd haha but the really low and i feel fine-not really low i feel shaky thing. it just happended the other day...soooo annoying!

the tongue tingly thing happens to me when im low, too!!!! it's really annoying!!!!! i also feel REALLY shaky and tired and annoyed or hyper! 

Like last year i was sitting in my basement watching TV and i got hungry so i went upstairs to get something to eat. i tested my BS and it turned out my BS was 28!!!!! that was the lowest i've ever gone. it was really strange though because i wasn't really doing anything to cause my BS to go so low!!!! 


When i go low i get super confused. My mom will be asking me questions like whats you blood sugar? And after my confusion comes a round of anger and then i want to go to sleep.  And when i'm high i wont really even notice it. I will be pissed off at the littlest things though and i'll start yelling at my dad and he'll yell back and then my mom comes in with my test kit tells my dad to calm down. I always apoligize to him but then he'll start yelling at me for my BS being so high and i'll yell back and then i get grounded.


sometimes when i'm low i hilucinate. one morning i woke up and looked out my window (theres a parking lot) and i see a field of bannanas growing out of the ground and a rodeo clow, homer simpson, micheal jackson, snow white and a mexian with a donkey picking them. and the next day i woke up and was low again. (i always look out my window in the morning) adn i see a pirate ship with the pirates from the pirates of the carribean on it and this other guy who is really scary and i screamed my mom came running into my room and i was screaming the pirates are coming for me!

no not really.....normally i just stuff my face with glucose pills until i feel better :oP jk but yeah i just crave sugar