Do You Have/ Know Someone Who Has Had Diabulimia?

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound about Diabulimia, an eating disorder that impacts many teenage diabetics. I don't know much about it and was wondering if anyone here has encountered this disorder? You can check out the article here: How to Recognize Diabulimia



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I've never met anyone with it (that I know). But, that number of 30-40% of females is high -- scary! I think they're better about catching it recently.

Reading that makes sense that when I was in my teenage years, I didn't take good care of myself, and would just take a shot in the morning and at night while never testing, and I always wondered why I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain wait. My A1c's were always around ten.  Now i eat a chip and gain ten lbs.  I may be alittle overweight, but I am healthy!!

I used to have it. I've been trying to beat this with the full support of my parents and doctors. I have some friends that have it also. When I think about it now I can't believe how stupid I was. I'm trying hard and doing my best to beat it. So far I'm doing good. My A1c's have been good and I'm taking my insulin like I'm supposed to.

I had it for years, until my kidneys started to go downhill. Now I don't really care about a few extra pounds.