Do you increase basal rates when you are ill? How much?

My daughter has a cold and her BG has been really high for two days. We tried raising her basal rate 25% and she still hot almost 400 at school

this morning and we had to pick her up from school. 


By the way, It seems to me that since this site was redesigned that the number of posts has plummeted. Am I correct? I wonder if people can't figure out how to post messages now that you have to select a category first. 


I wouldn't usually increase my basal because my illness typically wouldn't last that long and if I did I would crash. I was more comfortable simply hammering down the highs. That may not work for everyone though.

I do the same as Coravh-- just correct the highs as they happen when I'm sick.  Also I'll sometimes correct with a shot, so the insulin is absorbed in fresh skin and hits my system more quickly.  Make sure she drinks lots of liquids because it's easy to go into ketoacidosis when sick.  Hope your daughter is better soon.  

hello Terrie,  I don't usually increase basal rates.

regarding your observation:  I think people hate change in general, and the site redesign and the general quietness may be related...  no worries however  the site will pick up even if it's relatively sleepy this week.