Do you need G5 Sensors? T:slim cartridges?

Hi everyone!
I have 11 unused G5 sensors that I can donate. The date on the box is 2019-01-24 but I believe they are perfectly fine to use. Let me know if you can use them!
Also, I have 12 t:slim 3mL Cartridges (in two unopened boxes). These are NOT the t:locks,


hello @jlhawkns welcome to Type One Nation and thank you very much for your offer. For folks interested in replying I have a helpful tip: please do not forget to add the “@” symbol and then the name when it pops up. that way the person will get notifications! @martcl711 @Acole @JohnM89

Hello Jessica,

My daughter could use them expired is perfectly fine if you can please email me

Hi Jessica, If you still have some sensors left I would love to have a few. Happy to pay the shipping. Thanks,

Jessica ive emailed you a few times i can for sure pay for shipping i have PayPal or venmo just let me know.

Thank you so much Jessica I sent you a message. I appreciate it so much thank you .