Do You Or Your Teen Feel Any Stress At Appointment Time?

I always do ,and my daughter will show stress on that day..I think I feel it's some of my responbility that she has done all the things she is suppose to do.If the A1C is not where it should be,it may reflect on me as a parent..I really don't know all the answers for the stress-maybe deep down I am afraid they might say something negative health wise--maybe I feel I have fallen short in her d care...After Appointments we feel almost a high-what a relief...till next time..

We both get completly stressed! It feels like being a child again and getting reprimanded for not doing good enough. Too often we let weeks go by without reviewing his numbers to look for patterns. The pump is so easy but can also be a crutch. We allow it to do our thinking for us. So the night before an appointment we rush to write up numbers and realize that we should have made basel adjustments weeks before. Daily life is so busy for us that its easy to become complacent.


Hi. I'm new here.....hello. We always feel like we're going to the principal's office and its been getting worse and worse. Watching a train wreck (last A1C was horrible). Anyway, working towards a great A1C...... (I'd be tickled with reasonable for right now).