Do you reward yourself for good disease management?

I started this habit about 6 months ago, rewarding myself for working hard to manage my t1.  I don't spend a lot of money and I don't reward myself with food.  Today, I bought myself some new jammies.  

Do you reward yourself for working hard to manage your diabetes? If so, how often?


Hi Nikki,

I also reward myself for good A1C levels and for trying to eat healthy and be active. I usually reward myself with food, like icecream or chocolate. I probably do this a litlte more than I should,  but after talking it over with my dietitian, she said it probably wouldn't hurt to have a little treat every 2 weeks or so.  Your idea is really good, everyone deserves some pampering :)  I am working on a goal of trying to lose weight, so my plan is to lose 5-10 pounds and then buy a few peices of new clothes as a reward!


That's a nice idea, I've never thought to do that. (Although in reality, I doubt I'd follow through, lol.)

When I have an a1c under 6.5, I feel like I have natural rewards -- no yeast infections, fewer bacterial infections, less itchy in my legs. So, that helps motivate me.

I don't, but I should!  <3 :)

How long have you had t1, Sarah?  I've never noticed yeast infections, bacterial infections, itchy legs??