Do you show your pump or hide it?

I put my pump in a clip on my jeans pocket.

I do the same, clip it on the waistband of my pants, and I tuck the tubing into my pants.  I generally wear longis tops, on the outside of my pants, so it's usually mostly hidden.

I don't hide it out of embarassment, I hide it to avoid damage. Example: You are more likely to knock against something when it's revealed:edge of kitchen table, chair, desk etc.)

i put my pump on my waistband...i have a uniform at my school and part of the uniform is an open vest that you put on like a jacket. i use that to cover it up a little haha:) i only try to hide it a bit when i meet new people so they dont think im a freak lol. but with my friends, i could care less. i do feel a little self-conscious though, when i wear, like, a skirt with a tshirt tucked in, because then EVERYONE can see it. and i hate that. so i just move my pump to the right so i put my right arm over it and its not as visible.

I wear my pump on my belt, out in the open.  People think it is a cell phone.  I was walking through the mall and even the guy at the phone store asked me if I wanted to upgrade my pump to a better phone.  I usually act to them as if they are stupid, my short coming. 

I clip mine on my jeans pocket too but it get bumped so some days I wear it tucked in my bra.

I wear bras by Wacoal (made in the USA). They hoook in the front and the hook is sturdy enough to hold the pump. In addition, the design conceals the pump's impression. The pump is not visible in the cleavage area.

hide it normally

either clipped to the waist on my jeans facing my body, in my pocket or down the bra

I wear mine hooked to my bra. Not to I hide it but just to keep it out of the way and to not damage it.

I wear it on my belt or waistband or whatever shorts/pants/boxers I'm wearing.

Unless I am doing physical activity, or interviewing for a job, I show it. I have been called batman by some people as I have my pump, meter kit, and cell phone hanging off of my belt. It doesn't bother me there, and most people believe it is a pager.

At night I either attach it to my boxers, or lately have put it on the collar of my t-shirt. Helps me feel and "hear" the pump as I am a heavy sleeper.

Apparently I'm the only one who does this (because I've never heard anyone else mention it...), but I typically put my on the front of my hip bone, tucked into my undies.  I can never figure out how to get it to stay in my bra without it looking like I have a "growth" of some kind.

Pump either gets slipped into my bra OR on my waistband (don't care if the tubing shows).  The CGM is always on my waist. 

I generally clip it to my jeans pocket but it depends what I am wearing. If I have pants on that are not as strong as jeans I sometimes just take the clip off and put it in my pocket.  I never purposely try to hide it, but if it is getting smacked around then I do clip it to my waistband.

Well since I am on the Omnipod, it's kinda hidden lol. People only see my pod if I am in a bikini.

When I was on the Cozmo, I definitely hid it.  I wasn't comfortable with some people knowing.

I wear it inside my pocket with just the clip showing, I don't mind it being slightly visible, if people ask what it is I take that as an education opportunity.

I totally would wear it in my bra, but my chest is just a tad too small for that... sad life lol.

My son is 11 (well 12 come July) and he too wears his pump in his pocket.  He'll clip it to the inside of his pocket when he wears the clip or just put it down into his pocket when he has it in the case.  This is also  for protection as he is pretty active recess etc. especially at school.  I am actually glad and surprised that he is not embarrassed since most of his friends know that he is a diabetic so he has no problems talking about it.   

My pump tends to stay in my pocket. Just makes things easier, however if I am wearing tight jeans and such the pump is on the outside or belt. I don't really mind what people say. My favorite though is that since some of my work is around wireless microphones people try to remind me that I am still wearing my mic... Sigh. I normally correct them though. It is a chance to educate.

show it!!!!!! im not ashamed of who i am and diabetes is apart of me so i never try to hide it

I wear it proudly on my belt, CGM's are on my stomach.  You can usually see the tubing if I am wearing a shirt. Usually wear suits at work so it is pretty much covered.  At home and on the weekend,  If a t-shirt, I might cover it up.  Winter time is not bad as you can also cover with a sweather.  90% of people don't even notice, most people think it is a pager instead or a cell phone rather than an insulin pump. 

How come we all see the person wearing an insulin pump?