Do you show your pump or hide it?

I tuck it in the side of my bra...not really to hide it but to keep it out of my way! Lots of times the tube is hanging out and people see it it but i dont mind i just always explain if they ask.

It is certainly easier for men to hide the pump as we wear pants with pockets.  I have started wearing my pump inside my pant pocket, not necessarily to hide but to protect it from getting bumped or falling off my belt.  I think that is why my old pump broke.  It hit the ground too many times.  

I wear my pump with the clip at my waist, so it is hidden with my shirt.

my i put in my jeans pocket so no one can see it.

I would hide the pump at first, by cutting a hole in my pocket for the tubing to go through.  Now, I'm over that and just wear on my belt.  Sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn't.  My 12 year old daughter insists that fashion comes first, she doesn't care if it show or not.  That is pretty cool!

i do the same thing have my mom cut a hole in my poket for the tubing fashion first.

I don't mind having mine out in the open. I've met a ton of people who have just walked up to me and showed me their hidden pump because they noticed mine. It's a good conversation starter. Plus I'm not really shy or nervous about people seeing it.

I wear mine showing but the only time I have ever seen anyone wearing one was when I went to the ADA convention in Long Beach.  A lot of folks were there showing their pumps.  Hmmm.