Do You Still Make Insulin?

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a young child and have always used a less insulin than average.  After giving birth I didn't need any insulin at all for about 2 weeks (of course I wasn't eating or sleeping much and had all those crazy post pregnancy hormones).  So when I read in the Joslin 50-year study that about half the longtime diabetics still make some insulin, I assumed I did. 

My endo ran a c-peptide (those are the little proteins left behind from insulin production)  test last week and found that I make no insulin.  I was really surprised.   

So it made me wonder, have any of you had your c-peptides tested and do any show that you're making insulin? 

That makes me wonder if maybe the test doesn't really measure what they think it does.

every once in a while - probably more than a year but less than 2 -  I'll go through a time of unexplained lows, then after I adjust my pump down (25+% basal, 30-50% less bolus) I get "spot on" blood sugars for 3-4 weeks or so.   the only explanation is I am making a little insulin then it goes away and I put my pump back to where it was.  Somewhere in the T1 research someone said (Thought it was related to Faustman research) there is data that islet cells regenerate, then our bodies kill them off again.  

so I also offer that I do not know how long c-peptides hang out, maybe not for too long.  If I was ever going to check c-peptides I would shoot for one of my "special times" and hopefully it also falls when I've made my deductibles.  

Thank you both.  Nothing is ever simple or clear cut with diabetes, is it?

Your body sometimes makes insulin but its usually temoperary ( Honeymoon phrase ) So jennagrant we haven't talked for a while now? I just wanted to ask how many years you've had diabetes

I just celebrated my 35th year with diabetes.  Well, I didn't really celebrate, but you know what I mean. =)

I've heard of "honeymoon period". I don't think I went through that but I could be wrong. I've heard most people with diabetes still make a tiny bit but it doesn't do much.