Do You Sugars Go Up or Down With Exercise?

I always find exercise and interesting topic because its such a fine line between exercise that makes you run high or makes you go low. Do you usually run high or low?

Check out the following article: Why Strenuous Exercise Brings Blood Sugar Levels Up, Not Down in Type 1 Diabetics

i've noticed the last couple weeks with the addition of some serious bike riding to my schedule, my BGs are running consistently in the low 200s for almost 24 hours after the bike ride.

interesting story.

Exercise normally brings my sugar levels down the first hour or so.  However, the longer I work out (I sometimes work out for 2-3 hours), the more my sugar comes up because I don't wear my pump when I work out (the lack of basal during that period catches up with me in time).

Mine always go up for an hour or two, then drop like crazy for about 4-24 hours.  I just don't eat anything before I exercise, then cut my basal 50% from 2-12 hours afterward.  That usually takes care of it.  For strenuous activity like backpacking, I cut 50% for the first day, then only get 25% (plus gatorade/tang in a camelback) for the remainder of the trip.


More often lower, but sometimes higher.  You gotta love it!

Khendra i used to do the same thing you do. I was on the pump but i would always take it off when i was exercising and such and it would really cause my blood sugars to go high and then i would feel too tired and lazy to workout much longer because of a high. Because of the highs led me to completely get off the pump and do shots since i workout everyday and my A1C greatly improved!

My daughter's drops for soccer and rises like crazy for swim meets. She gets anxious about swimming but not soccer so I guess it's the adrenalin. 

Tonight she is high as heck and I think it's just because her brothers came home tonight from a week at summer camp. 

I do not run high or low.  I run good, level.

The exercise itself will make my blood sugar drop, but I balance that pretty well with food intake.

Brisk walking/shooting baskets = low

Running/playing a game of basketball/strenuous exercise = high

[quote user="Terry"]

Tonight she is high as heck and I think it's just because her brothers came home tonight from a week at summer camp. 


Poor child- I know the feeling!! So much for peace and quiet, right? :)

Depending on the exercise im doing i go high... other wise i drop reall low.. i never have a hppy medium

Riley seems to always drop. I will let her start out high because of it too. With in minutes she starts to go down and then I have to drink carb her every hour with no insulin to keep her from going to low. Those nights I have to also check her often because she has delayed lows with a busy day as well.

For me it depends on the exercise. Most of the time i exercise in the evening and i'll go high shortly after exercising, but drop huge throughout the night and wake up low. usually i snack before i go to bed and lower my levemir dose , and that usually does the trick.

For me, it depends on what type of exercise I'm doing.  If I lift weights, I'll find that my sugars are spiked right after work out, but 2 - 3 hours later, it'll drop pretty low to like 40 - 60.  If I do cardio, my sugars will drop immediately after work out.  Then, I find that calisthenics keeps my sugars the most consistent.  But, I change it all up throughout the week, weight-lifting 2-3 days, cardio another 2 days, and calisthenics the other 2 days.  I always do a temp basal on my pump at 50%, but after weight lifting, I have to eat small snacks throughout the 2-3 hours or a full meal within an hour after work out and after cardio, I have to eat a protein bar right after work out.  If that makes any sense.

walking alot I go low.

Zumba makes me high.

The tougher the exercise is I think Im higher.