Do you think it's easier or harder to Be a T1 nad have child dx'd T1?

I am a T1 and in July 2009 my (at the time) 3 yr old son was diagnosed. It was one of the most devastating thing that has happened to me. I think that it was more devastating than my own diagnosis. Even though I was told over and over that it wasnt my fault and that there was no way of knowing. I have had times where I feel so guilty!! The first couple of endo visits that my son had, He was terrified and screamed and every time that he did that, it brought me back to being that 8 yr old girl who was terrified too. It didnt help that his endo's office is the same office that I saw my peds endo at!!! There are definately aspects that I think are easier but emotionally it has been a crazy rollercoaster for me. 

I think it is easier for a teenager or adult to deal with a T1 diagnosis.  It would be devastating to have a child get diagnosed and to have to deal with the possible pain from injections/site changes, finger pokes, how others perceive them, if hypos might go undetected, the worry of how the disease will impact their future.  When my son was 2 he took a table knife one time and held it by his belly imitating me giving myself a shot which I thought was cute.  Now, at 8, If I am putting in a new pump site and he is watching he scrunches up his face some thinking it would hurt.  Or if I inject, on a rare occasion, an he sees then his eyes get big.  I explain that there are kids his age who have to poke their finger and take medicine like me and that he is lucky that he doesn't have to.

I totally understand how you feel. No I dont have children, but I'm scared to death to have them. One for the pregnancy, then if my child were to get it. You need to remember its not your fault. it's not like you were sitting hoping he would get it. You just need to teach your child that the doctors is a good place, that the doctor will help keep them healthy. I don't have any memories of wen I got it. I was too young, so im not able to give advice on that side. Try to not be scared about it either. children sence how their parents feel. Don't beat yourself up about him getting it. It's not your fault. :D

I think it would be harder to be someone with diabetes whose child is diagnosed.  As a type 1 you already know about all of the struggles and of course you'd feel responsible because the genetic link.  Also, I've found what works for my own diabetes but the idea of trying to help my child with his or her diabetes is daunting. 

For a non-diabetic whose child is diagnosed, ignorance is bliss in a way.  It happens so unexpectedly and then it's a whirlwind of learning about diabetes.  With type 1s I think we all have it in the back of our minds that our children could get type 1, whether it ever happens or not.

There are type 1s on this site whose parents also have type 1 and hopefully they will chime in.  Overall it doesn't seem like they blame their parents, but appreciate having someone who understands what they deal with. 

I think it is easier to deal with being dx'd with type 1 as an adult than as a kid because we can deal with living with the disease and understand better what is going on. Sure we still get the same 'why me?' attitude when first diagnosis, but we as adults with type 1 are dealing with this with a more mature attitude. But then a child dx'd with type 1 has their parents and a load of resources unlike one dx'd as an adult basically has few resources and that is one of the reasons Juvenation is here so we can give adults like me with type 1 encouragement and support.

i understood wat was going on. of course i got it wen i was 15 months old. but i knew what diabetes was i knew what was wrong with me and i knew i couldnt eat certain things. i never asked y me because i never knew anything different. my mother raised my sister and i with this life style. so there was never a question with what was going on with me. and juvenation is for everyone with type one not just for us adults. everyone no matter what age needs encouragement and support. i wish i knew this was around when i was a teen because i wouldnt have felt so alone.

My husband has type 1 (dx'd at age 8) and we have 2 children, one 3 and a half, other is 2 weeks old. I've thought about this often. My 3 year old is not currently testing positive for autoantibodies, and no symptoms, but it's ALWAYS in the back of my mind. I wonder if my husband will take it harder if either of the kids are diagnosed. But then again, I feel like we are at least very knowledgeable and able to be proactive if they are, so I feel like that's a plus whereas other parents would have to educate themselves first!