Do You Use A Nutrition Scale?

Does anyone use a nutrition scale, which one do you use, and do you like it?

I was in diabetes care class yesterday, and the dietition brought in this really nifty nutrition scale.  We all guessed the carbs in a banana...we'd all been told one medium banana is 30 carbs.  Well, when she measured it, it was actually 52 carbs.  Oops.  So, I'm thinking a good nutrition scale might be kind of important to counting carbs, especially if your insulin/carb ratio is low.



I have one but I don't really use it - I don't trust it.  I can't figure out how a scale can calculate something like that because there are too many other factors it doesn't take into considerations.  The "rule of thumb" I always use for banana's is this.....I put the banana up to my middle finger....that measures 15 grams.  If I can put two middle finger lengths on the banana then it's 30 grams....if it's more than two middle finger lengths then the banana has too many carbs!! 

I use a Salter digital nutrition scale for my son.  We use it often when he's having fruit and also for things like rice or pasta,  but he also uses it daily to weigh his afternoon and evening snack in grams to match the serving size.  A regular scale could do that as well, I suppose. 

I use a Calorie Smart Scale I like it when i actually remember to use it lol

yes,  esp when I cook for myself and need to know weights (much more accurate than volume measurements)

Escali -

and the Calorie King book

all you'll ever need =)

i use the salter one. it has a book with codes in it and it measures carbs fiber fat protein calories. it will tell you how many grams ml ounces and some other things. i dont trust it though because it says 1 gram = 1 ml but that depends on the density of the food and it doesnt have everything in there. and when having corn, i have to divide the given number by 2.

I use a regular digital food scale to weigh my portions and then I log it in Calorie King to get the carb counts (and calories, fat, protein etc).  It's a two step process but I am still absolutely horrible as guesstimating portion sizes and weights and volumes.  I also have a digital scale at work. 

Frankly speaking i don't really believe in the Nutrition Scale as i'm stuck in it recently, but my friend who is also diabetic from last 7 years uses a EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale.I still cant understand what is the benefit of using it,but he usually speaks about its qualities.

My mom purchased a digital one from when I was diagnosed and it's been very reliable so far.  Up at college I was using a pretty ghetto $4 mini-scale from Target (Chefmate maybe?) with a manual tare dial... Cheap, but also reliable.