Do you use your legs for an inset site?

If you use your leg, where do you put it?
I've been a diabetic for six years in March, and the only place I'm comfortable using is my arm, and my stomach. :/
Last time I put an inset in my leg, it fell out within a day and bruised like crazy, but I've got major scar tissue building up, and I don't want to live with that my whole life, please any suggestions.

I have the same problem. I put it on the outer side a little below where my pant pockets end. If that makes any sense.

This was a huge problem for me too! It's because there is so much muscle in your leg. If you just go to the side of your thigh and then pop it in half way between your knee and hip, it'll hurt and bruise (and some of my friends' sets have even worked their way out of their leg!) Don't worry, there is still a place to go! Sit down in a chair and let your legs just rest. There should be a place on the side of your thigh, that's almost closer to your hip. There're more fat there, and it shouldn't hurt as much. Unfortunately, finding comftorable sites is usually a "stab and jab" thing. You have to put a site in, and see weather or not it hurts. (Okay, I know they usually hurt, but if you can't touch it without making the pain worse, and it hurts more than usual, take it out.) Also, I have a fondness for going on my butt. Its right about where your back ends and your butt starts. Don't go too close to your butt crack, don't put it literally smack on your butt cheek either. Okay, so good luck with this!

I've had issues with putting sites in my legs too.  I've found that they do hurt more, but like mentioned above try to aim for about half way down your leg.  If they keep coming of try either Tegaderm or IV Site covers.  I cut a hole in the middle of the IV site covers and then place it over the site.  The hole is big enough for the plastic piece that sitcks up, but small enough to still cover the adhesive part.  This way I can still remove my pump when I shower and the site stays in place.  I use the adhesive covering when I place it on my lower back too.  I hope this helps :)


The lower back is just like the stomach for me! I tried the leg but it never worked. My sugars were hight because I wasn’t getting the insulin.