Do You?

I just realized that my method of site rotation is by the number of bruises I have. I use my stomach, it has lots of area. LOL Anyone else do this????

My son is 9 and are batteling that....hes getting little nodule hard spots, bruises and dots....looks like a pin cushion. He favors his stomach only. Trying to ease him into another area. So, yes, we do the same thing.



We do the levemir in the legs only and normally we just switch legs every night but yeah I look for bruises and avoid that area. Riley will only do her arms with her novalog pen and when she does it herself she can only do the one arm. So she is building up the courage to do her belly. She gets so close then just cant bring herself to do it.

I forgot to mention he is on an insulin pump. So we change his site every 3 days and hes a very slow healer. When he was injecting, was to be 4 xs a day, was usually 5 or 6. He even favors 1 hand for testing sugar - Im trying to get him to switch hands too.

Keith, I wonder about how you're doing your shots.  Because I've been giving myself shots for 20 years, and it took me a good 10-15 before I realized I was kinda doing them badly, and I should not have so many bruises, and I definitely should rarely bleed.  I can't even remember the last time I bruised. And what I do now is that I inject pretty slowly -- I ease the syringe in.  If it hurts at all, I take it right back out and do it elsewhere.  It seems to me that pain correlates with bruising.  If it hurts, you shouldn't do your shot there, immediately cease and desist and try another spot.  I do find that occasionally I bleed even when it doesn't hurt.  And when I bleed, that's when I end up with a bruise.  But if I just dab the blood away, don't block it inside, and then put some ice on it, it prevents the bruise from forming. 

I don't get many bruises, just that drop of blood and bingo. I inject about 4-6 times a day so one or two bruises just tell me what side I have been using. You must be tough because I can't inject slow, won't go in. I have to do kind of a dart thing, nurses have told me my skin is very tough. LOL One funny thing if it hurts I don't bruise there, it just feels like it looks. Ouch!!!

Actually, now that you mention it, I do find that, as I get older, it is more difficult for me to get the needle to break through the skin.  But I still do it slow.  :)