Docters appt on Friday

On Friday I along with my mom and dad, will go down to Grand Rapis were my diabetes docter is. I am warried about what my A1C will be cause the last 3 mouths I have not have doing very good with my Blood Suger. I hope that everything goes great.

Good luck, girl!! I'm sure everything will be okay. Most diabetics get worried before an A1C so it's normal. :)

I went through years of lying to the doctor so I wouldn't feel guilty.  Then I realized that it was worse feeling guilty for lying to the doctor!  YOU are the one who lives with the diabetes, day in and day out.  Do the best you can and nobody has the right to expect any different!

good luck! even if it doesn't go as planned, you know you always have an opportunity to start over and try again. :o)

I will pray for you!

Thanks C, Amanda, and Scott and everyone that had hope that it would work out. My A1C was 8.0 he gave me a goal of getting my A1C back down to 7.5 or lower than that. I also wight 149, I lost 9 pounds.

That's awesome!  I would consider that a successful appointment!  8.0 might be a little high, but it's nowhere near as bad as it could be!  Setting a realistic goal of 7.5 is great...  And a bit of weightloss?  What girl wouldn't be happy with that (as long as it is healthy weightloss, of course!)  Congratulations!

Thanks Nads!!