When I was diagnosed in Michigan, I was immediately sent to a specialist in Saint Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI.  At the time, the Saint Mary's Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology was a hand-picked group of professionals.  Each and every one of them either had diabetes or were the immediate caregiver for someone who did.

I felt supported.

Since moving to Texas, I keep running into professionals that just don't get it.  They're very much "increase the sliding scale" and ignore me when I try to explain that there might be an underlying cause.  It took me weeks to find out they didn't handle any reproductive issues at all.  A first visit to one clinic, they tossed me an antibiotic without a single word.  What is this for?  Never answered.  I went back for a followup and they asked if the infection was better and I had no idea what infection they were talking about.

Worse yet, is the fact many would yell and berate me if I didn't do what they said.  At 31 years old, I felt like a child being scolded without knowing what the heck I'd done.  I want to get well, I want to get back in control.

It's really depressing, but I don't know where to start to finding the professional that will support me and not scream at me.  It's feeling like I'll never get back in control again.


You're interested in doing better - you'll get there.  Times like this for me, I take a deep breath, prepare for another marathon and start making ridiculous numbers of appointments with the goal of finding a doc and office that I can work with.  It is PAINFUL and I do not envy you the task but it is manageable and you are exactly right not to want to accept this kind of treatment.  

With any chronic (autoimmune) disease (I now have two) - I think it is important to remember we are our most important and strongest advocate.  It is an interview process and I know you will find a doc you can work with - hopefully we will have some folks in your area who may be offer some suggestions but even without that - start throwing some darts at the available clinicians and get out there and talk to some doctors.  I wish I could help - but I can, at least, cheer you on from the sidelines!

Keep us updated!



Thanks, A-D.

Since I wrote this, I found a clinic not more than 4 miles from my current workplace called Diabetes America.  All they treat is Diabetes.

And for the first time since I left Michigan, I feel supported again.  

It's been a struggle, but finally starting to get back on track.

I'm so glad you found Diabetes America (used to be called Diabetes Centers America)!  They seem super patient focued and do a good job of hiring diabetics.


It is great to get an update and to know that things are moving the right direction for you.  I am really proud of you for sticking wiith it until you started finding what you need.  I know how discouraging things can get. 

You are AWESOME! (that is all)

Have a great day and thanks for circling back and filling us in!



Hey there Sally, I have had Type 1 for nearly 28 years-- I just turned 30!  I can tell you, I have been treated like a bad kid for years.  It's really awful.  Please don't feel alone.  I'm so glad to hear you found some good docs once again.  It makes all the difference, doesn't it?  I have to sit there and tell doctors, "look, I want to have better sugars, just tell me how!"  Sadly, the truth is they *don't* know how.  Most docs really don't know how to dose insulin, and LOTS of people with diabetes are treated as if they are "defiant diabetics" (heard that one too many times to count).  Kudos to you for posting this.  It's a HUGE problem, and hopefully someday doctors will get the training they need.  It's about *management*, not control.

  Keep taking good care of you,