Does anybody have a portable charger for their pump/BG monitor that they love?

I’ve been on the newest Tandem pump for about a month now. I’m very forgetful when it comes to charging it, since the Medtronic pump always took a AAA battery. I’ve never had good luck with portable phone chargers (they never seem to work as well as I expect).

Does anybody have a portable charger that they use for their pump or blood glucose monitor that works well and that they love? I’m looking for brand suggestions. TIA! (Thanks in advance)

Hi Justyne @JKKS, I too changed from the MiniMed pump that used AAA battery to Tandem and six months prior began using a DexCom CGM that requires ‘charging’. Having gone through a storm in 2017 that knocked out the power here for 6 days the next purchase I made was a portable power supply.

I bought a pack that is more powerful than minimum needed and keep it in my "grab-and-go kit; it will also keep our phones and tablets powered for at least a week.

KUPPET 20000mAh Power Bank (Dual USB Port, 3.1A Total) External Portable Charger Battery Pack Portable Charger with LED Flashlight for iPhone 8/7,iPhone X,iPad Pro, Galaxy S8 Note8 and More

It worked well for a week’s trip this past winter; got it on-line for $36.

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Thanks so much, Dennis! I’m ordering one today! I love that price, too!

The husband and I do a lot of backpacking and car-camping trips, so I need something that will keep my pump charged for a week. Would be nice if it could keep my phone charged too!

Thank you!

Justyne, the model I posted may be “over kill”, on our last trip it kept my t-Slim, the Dexcom receiver, phone fully charged and was still more than 50% power left - I forget the actual amount.

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I have a solar panel charger for long spells of being without electricity. (RAVPower Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel with 3 USB Ports Waterproof Foldable Camping Travel Charger), And I also have a Kmashi (3 of them actually) for short jaunts.
I don’t have a T:slim but I do have a Dexcom receiver, a OmniPod Dash (rechargeable), iPhone, iPod touch (my spinal cord stim controller), ect… that do need to be charged…

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I need a solar charger too (for backpacking). Thanks for the recommendation! Looking into them now!