Does anybody know?

Does anybody know if alyssa is back on here? i met her along time ago when i first strted and i stopped getting on when she left. she helped me alot and ever since i lost connections with her i havent been the same. i miss her and really want to reconnect with her.. can anyone help me??

unless she's posting under a different name, she's not back on here. i think she's been gone for about a year now (?). her account has been deleted. i'm not sure how to reach her. maybe some of her other friends on here will know. we all miss her :o) she was pretty spectacular.

Nope, don't think she is. (Unless she was posing as a Miley Cyrus fan, lolol)

I'm sure you'll find other people your age here though. (:

Thanks. yeah i dnt think she is either and she never replies to my emails either so idk. but yesah im sure ill find some new people :)