Does anybody like or dislike the OmniPod?

Hi does anybody like or dislike the Omnipod?

I like the OmniPod. I switched over to the OP from Medtronic a couple of years ago because my son (at the time was 1 yr old) kept pulling my tubing out. I enjoy being tubeless and I find that my sugars are in better control with the OP. I also like that it’s self-priming, thus taking one less step in the process of changing out the pod as compared to changing out the reservoir. However, there are the downsides of the OP that I wish Insulet will take into consideration when making the next gen. For one, the PDM & OP are extremely kid friendly, having to give warnings or alarms for every little thing and there’s no setting option to turn them off. Also, it makes you confirm over & over again certain things, becoming irritably repetitive. So, for a responsible adult, it gets rather annoying. The other downside is that the PDM only uses Freestyle test strips which are usually not a preferred brand with most major insurance companies, making them more expensive to obtain. It’s not a big deal to use a separate meter with cheaper test strips, but it defeats the convenience of the PDM doubling over as a glucometer too. Plus, it gets bulky having to carry the PDM AND a separate meter. But, I find the pros keep me content over the cons.

I also like the OmniPod. I can’t compare it to another pump as it’s the only one I’ve ever used. But the fact that it’s tubeless is a HUGE reason why I’m on it. I can’t imagine being connected to tubing with a different pump, and for me, that outweighs any downfalls. I agree with ScrappyDy that the alarms can get super annoying. I get that they’re for safety, but yes, they get annoying. I do think they could do a better job of the user interface - the screen and the way you operate the PDM seems maybe a bit old school/outdated, or just not as advanced as it could be. Having said that, that’s all secondary to me, as my control definitely improved on the OmniPod - and it got me through a very healthy pregnancy too. :slight_smile: Overall, I’d recommend it to anyone in the market for a pump.