Does anybody play Basketball,Football,Hockey,Ski,Snowboard or ride horse?

Does anybody play any cool sports

I’m not an athlete, but I do a lot of dancing…square dancing, clogging, belly dancing…my hubby wants me to skydive with him in April, so I might do that. (as I chew my nails)

It can be challenging to manage my BG’s with high activity, but I just check it a lot and correct as needed. I like to live life to its fullest!

Thank you I would also like anybody else’s feed back.

I ski, ride horses, and dance.

I downhill ski and love it! I always keep glucose tablets/gel in my pocket when skiing because my blood sugar can drop when skiing. I also make sure to eat a good breakfast before skiing and take breaks for snacks and other meals, depending on how long I am skiing.

Skiing is so fun! I live in Texas, so I have only been skiing on a vacation in Colorado once. I have obtained my blue belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. It is such an addictive sport! My boys and I used to go to jiu jitsu 3-5 times per week. They have now moved on to soccer, so we don’t have time to go anymore. I really miss it though! Jogging just isn’t the same!

I don’t play any of the sports you listed, but I play lacrosse for my school! We travel to other universities and play or we host a few schools to play at my school. We’re a new team so we don’t play much, but it’s a great way to get involved and play a sport. :slight_smile: