Does anybody show hogs?

where i live it is a huge deal!

Hi Jessica,

I live near what used to be "The Hog Capital of the World". A lot of pork chops in this area. Groups like 4-H, FFA (Future Farmers of America) and others are pretty active with shows during the summer, in my area.

I don't show, but I went to high school with a bunch of farmers.

Are you showing hogs? If so, what's the biggest one you've seen? I'm always impressed by the size of some of the animals. It seems like every few years, a record is broken. How big can these animals get? Sheesh!


Yes i do show hogs and i am also very big in FFA! The biggest hog i have ever seen was probably about  600 or 700 pounds. she was for breeding wich is why she got so big otherwise you dont keep them long enough to get that big! Also we dont show in the summer (it is to hot for the pigs where we live) we show from october to febuary.

i don't show hogs (well, as of yet haha!) but my mom's friend wants me to. I show goats, horses, and beef, so i'm pretty busy with those, but i want to kind of get a little into each species. and as well, i am very involved in FFA and 4H lol

That is really cool!! i only show hogs but it is my life, that and FFA. In my county we dont show cows only hogs goats and lambs. I was reading on your page and it said you live out in the sticks that is so cool cause i do too!! haha