Does anyone currently use the One Touch Animas Ping?

My son Ryan is currently on the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump and is in the process of switching to the Animas Ping. We should have it sometime next month. I was wondering if any one could tell me how they like it?

We have been using the One Touch Animas Ping since February and we love it!  But we are new to pumping; it is our first pump so I can't really compare it to other pumps.  We especially like the food list and our son loves the remote; he likes that we can give him insulin without even touching him (7y/os are so easy to entertain! :))  Our pump reps have been great; we haven't had to use customer service yet so I don't know how that will be.   



i have never used the one touch my daughter has the mini med but i would love to know more about this pump because of the remote access sometimes i have trouble getting her to stand still long enough to work hers.

My daughter Casie (age 11) started using the ping mid March, and she loves it!  We are also new to all of this, but I like the remote part also.  Casie likes it because she does not have to draw attention to the pump and can do everything by the meter, which her friends are already use to.  We did have a problem with the meter last Thursday, I called customer service at about 6:15 am they could not determine what the problem was so they said they would send out another meter.  With it being a holiday weekend I thought we would not get it until Tuesday, but we actually received a new meter on Friday by 12:00!  They were very helpful.

My almost-6-year-old daughter has been using the Ping for about 2-3 weeks.  We have been pumping Animas since she was 14 months and we upgraded when her last 2020 pump broke down.  We' ve been very happy with the Ping.  The only drawback has been getting used to having only one meter.  We used to have a meter in her school bag, one at school, one in her bedroom and one at the dining room table.  It's hard to have yet another thing to keep track of, but I am hoping the payoff comes when we download the data... Mydaughter likes how the pump vibrates everytime you give a bolus by the meter remotely!  I like that I can give more interim boluses during a meal without having to get up and dig out her pump (I guess that's my laziness speaking).

My daughter, Madison, was just diagnosed this past December (she was 2 1/2 yrs. old) and we started using the Animus Ping in March.  I think it is awesome.  I LOVE the meter remote- and the fact that I do not even have to touch her to give her a bolus.  She always laughs and tells me that I am "tickling her".  I know I don't have much experience- or anything else to compare it to- but it has made our lives SO much better- especially hers.  I highly recommend it!!

My son is on the 2020 (July 2008) and my husband is on the Ping (Sept 2008).  We love pumps!  I've heard the food list on the Ping is really helpful for kids.  My husband loves the remote and the computer interface.  Good luck.