Does anyone else think Juvenation has changed their life?

I just wanted to say, that juvenation has seriously changed my life( thanks Alyssa :), the whole thing is basically a chance to talk about diabetes but not a force. I have it like my safe community where I can talk about absolutely anything, there are so many amazing people on this site, and they have really changed my outlook on life in general, and I just wanted to say thanks for this site. Its turned into much more then anyone could have thought.  To be completely honest, Im on this site every chance I get, basically 24/7, and I dont think I have even thought about diabetes while I was on it. the people on the site are just like you, so it gives you the chance to just forget about the D and just talk about normal kid things.

does Anybody else share these sentiments?

btw Im always open to friend requests, I LOVE meeting new people and chatting :)

i have to agree with you...even thought i havent been on here that long, i am glad i joined! i've gotten good feedback on questions i've asked and everyone on here are willing to share info and their own stories.

I agree! Sometimes its just better to talk about something else because some people have strong emotions!

i totally agree and this site you just don't have to talk only about diabetes but absolutly evrything and anything! I <3 juvenation!!!

I totally agree. When I'm on Juvenation, I don't have to deal with trying to discuss my problems with my nondiabetic friends. They just don't understand like the people here do. So thank you, Juvenation, and all your users, for providing me with an escape from the chaos of day to day life.

i really think juvenation has changed my life because it is comforting to know i am not going through this alone. don't get me wrong, my non-d friends are very supportive and amazing but i truely don't think they get everything. so thank u so much every single member of Juvenation, u r all lifesavers. alyssa, matt, shannon, kaila, and sara are best best friends and i am never gonna stop talking to them.

There's just something good about saying I'm low and having people know what you mean.

You can't get that kind of understanding outside of Juvenators :P

I have to agree. I have been T1 for almost 30 years and know very few people that share my experiences. Then my daughter was diagnosed at age 3 in May of 2008 and my life became even more consumed by the disease. It is nice to know that there are others out there thinking and feeling what I am. And it is refreshing to be able to complain or talk about the things we face and not be judged.  I like that there are so many different groups to join as well. I like being able to talk to parents of kids with T1 but to then switch and talk to others that have, or are going through, what I have in my life. I think this is a great group of people and I am very glad I joined.

I think juvenation is wonderful! It is a great place to be with others that understand! I love it!

It has totally changed my life.  I have learned so much!  It has in many ways decreased my anxiety about the daily routine because I can check in with others who are living it too.  I honestly think that as far as JDRF goes, Juvenation is by far their greatest accomplishment. :)

I've run into fewer toxic people on here than anywhere else, and I appreciate the people who believe in freedom of expression and ideas. I appreciate the people who allow us all to speak for ourselves, as we are, without "divine/in loco parentis" intervention. I am grateful that the censorship has lightened up on this site and that there are intelligent conversations about thought provoking subjects. I am glad beyond measure for the people who are capable of tolerance and open mindedness. I love the conversations where other people voice some of the anger and frustration that I have felt here, where people understand the concept of venting as a practice of mental health, and I am grateful for the people who do not emotionally censure others. Thank you, are a life saver. Thank you, friends; you are all beloved beyond anything I can express.

This is such a lonely illness for me. I have often been embarrassed to come out and say that I have diabetes (I know- it shouldn't be this way) Finding a community that deals with the same daily difficulties as me is helping me get through a really difficult time in my coming to terms with diabetes. I couln't have imagined a more supportive group.

I agree. I wish I had the time to be on more often. :D

Yes, Juvenation has been such a huge help. I used to struggle everyday with D but i came here and felt like i fit in. Honestly, beofre this, I thought I was about to crack. I had always been so jealous of the kids who would just eat whatever they want, whenevr they want.I had always been constantly reminded I was different. I had always hated site changes or injections or finger pokes. Everything had made me cringe. Then one day, I heard one comment. "No, you cannot come to my prty. You're too different because you hae diabetes." That made me wanna just jump in front of a train. That same night when the parrty was going on, I found Juvenation and loved it. So,, thanks Juvenation :D

Yes!  I want to make ya'll proud!  The last BG post reminds me to test.  You understand when I screw up!  You offer advice and support and a good laugh from time to time.  I love you all, Juvenators!!!