Does anyone get Headaches when high?

Im curious of how everyone feels when their BS is high? I had been getting headaches that lasted 2+ days sometimes when I was high. Does anyone have other problems?

When my blood sugar is real high, I feel like I have the flu.  Luckily, it is only for one to two hours because I take regular insulin to get it down.   I use a plain insulin needle just in case my pump has a problem, i.e. clogged tubing.  I have had headaches before but only when my blood sugar is low.

Hello Sue,

I've been constant highs all this week so i know what you mean!  I have a killer headache and it's been happening for the past week aswell.  I thought I may be getting sick but my sugars have instantly come back to normal today.

I also get BAD headaches right after a low too.  I think it just takes so much energy out of us that your body needs to re-energize..

Other high symptoms I have:

I get super moody and stubborn - BIG mood swings where I don't even care
very tired
no energy..

and others but I can't think of it.  Mostly flu symptoms like Val mentioned

having a headache for no apparent reason is one of the BIG signs i know i'm high. from what i'm aware, it's pretty common to get one.

headache, very moody, tired, constantly going to the bathroom, drinking alot, if I'm super high I'll get a sick feeling in my stomach. 

Hi Sue,


I have had type 1 diabetes for over 43 years and my parents were extremely involved in research and support for people with diabetes while I was growing up.  Because of that I met many people with diabetes over the years and learned that each person is a bit different when it comes to their diabetes. 

In spite of that I can say that sometimes I do get headaches from both high and low bloods sugars.  But it could also be from other meds I am on or other factors like hormones, thyroid issues or chemical imbalances.  One never knows and that is why it is important to share this type of info with your healthcare team to see if they can assist. 

[quote user="orange_mms"]

headache, very moody, tired, constantly going to the bathroom, drinking alot, if I'm super high I'll get a sick feeling in my stomach. 


i feel exactly the same way.


Yup... same boat

I get a horrible headache as well it only lasts until my blood sugars are better and then goes away.

I have one of the worst headaches ever right now :( and my sugar is 307. I am pretty ticked off. I have been having some really bad lows lately (which also gives me headaches), and the highest my sugar has been the last week or so is 260. I had a low earlier tonight and drank some juice, thirty minutes later I was low again and rather hungry. I ate a bowl of oatmeal, bolused and went about my business. An hour later I feel like there is a construction party in my head and my sugar is over 300 for the first time in a week or two. I am so sorry to hear that your headache lasted for 2 or more days. I hope that mine subsides shortly, it is hard to do much of anything when you are in pain, at least for me.

Yes,  I do get headaches when I am high, low, hormonal, and sometimes from caffeine or stress.  I have had diabetes for about 43 years and no doubt it is a challenge.  I wish I had answers for everyone but at least for me, taking it easy when I am not feeling well and trying my best to eat right and exercise seem to help for the most part.  Be well. 

I don't think I get headaches, but I get really hot, like flush. If it's long term, I get sick. I used to get headaches when I ate too much, but that could have been my glasses (didn't fit right). How have your ketones been? Or maybe you're just getting a dehydration headaches. When I get those kind, I need a moist room and slow sips of water.

I am a nasty man, mean when the BG is high and oh so flaky. I hate it.

I get bad headaches when I am high. sleeping, water and insulin are the only things that seem to help. If I am not dehydrated before my sugar would go high I notice the headaches arn't as bad.

and on a more positive note, I found out that I get 'gluten induced migrains". Which means, when I eat gluten I get a migrain. So I have to follow a gluten free diet as if I have celiac disease as well. Sucks.

When my bloodsugar is high i turn into a hole different person...a very mean person you could almost say. Any little thing makes me mad. I also noticed that when my sugar is high my feet and hands swell up and i get really tired. If it becomes really high I end up getting sick.

 Okay so I always know I have a high because I get really hot.  My lower back is very hot to the touch.  I also get really sluggish and just want to lay down and go to sleep.  I do usually get headaches as well, but taking excedrin and bolus seem to help!

I do the same...I turn into a completely different person....also with me any little thing makes me mad.

I joke with my dr that I have "terminal headache."   I have headaches when I'm high, when I'm low.  Between that and my sinuses, I am doomed.  Anyway, I also notice that when I am high, I feel a lot more depressed.  I'm also tired. 

Yeah i do too....feels like someone is impaling my skull with ice or fire pokers. Dehydration, muscle cramps , stiffness and soreness come along with the high blood sugars too. My nueropathy will act up too and feels like i have fire on my hands, feet, arms and legs. Needless to say i have developed a high pain threshold,,,,,, I can handle the high blood sugars better then the lows.  My low blodsugars tend to sneak up on me. Feels like someone is sucking all the blood and energy out of my body. Cold sweats, shaking, seizures and convulsions. The worst part is the stuff i have started seeing and hearing in the last few years. Halos, auras shadows and other trippy visual stuff not to mention hearing something very acutely like a clock ticking or a insect flapping its wings or when someone's voice who is talking to you is coming from another direction.  And no i don't do  drugs.... anyone else have crazy stuff like that happen to them when they get a low bloodsugar? 

I get headaches when i'm high or low! it drives me crazy !! nothing gets rid of them for me!