Does anyone get random beeps like its a low reservoir but no warning comes up?

does this happen to anyone bc its happened twice the past 3 days and once in school some kid heard it while we were taking a test and he was like what was that, like asking in general, and i was like idkk what? haha but does this happen?

haha yea, i've been trying to figure that out for a while, when people look at me i look back at them like they're the ones beeping and then they get really confused

Haha wow i'll have to try that!! Maybe people will finally back off :)

its an alarm that all insulin pumps have, just ot remind you that your low on insulin in your reservior.

Yeah, I've had this, spins me out - you think it's going to be an alarm of some kind, but there is absolutely no sign of or reason for the alarm when you look at it - reservoir and battery both OK.

I've come to think that maybe I've inadvertantly pressed something (e.g. bolus wizard etc) which has timed out, after which it bleeps.

You can reset the alarms on your pump.  On Minimeds it's under Utiliities - Alarms -  Low Resv Warnings.