Does anyone go to Camp Sweeney(Gainsville, TX)?

Just wondering if anyone goes to First Session. (:

me!  me!  me! 


i <3 you!!

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I used to go to Camp Sweeney, im actualy going back as a counselor this next summer, so see you there?

That's awesome. (;

I'm already so excited for camp haha.
I miss all my friends.

awesome!  what sessions/years did you go to?  I graduated last year, so i don't get to go this year, but i'm hoping to be a counselor maybe next summer

hmmmm well i went the year i was diagnosed so.......summer of '99 to now

awesome!  i started going in 98!  mostly to 2nd session, but i went to 1st session 3 times also.  never got the chance to go to 3rd, though...

Camp Sweeney is hallowed ground in my opinion.  My son used to go there (93 - 00) and it is an amazing place.  He learned so much there.  If any parents are looking for a camp, this is it.  The grounds are beautiful and they're always adding new stuff.  The staff is amazing.  I can't say enough good things about it.

Is Ernie still there?

I'm going to camp sweeney for the first time this summer.. i am going to the second session. kinda nervous it bein my first time and all haha.
I've been to 2 dif. camps but they were all only one week so im a lil nervous about the 3 weeks....


:) I went for 11 summers, and my life would have not been the same w/o that place and the people there.  3 weeks is a long time, but I guarantee the people there become like family.  Also, as much as i love 1st session, 2nd session is the BEST.

have fun!!!!

i went from the '96 to '03--i can't even begin to describe what camp sweeney means to me! i went to 2nd session and my last two years i went to 2nd and 3rd with a few winter sessions in between. i wish i had gone back as a counselor but my job and schooling didnt allow it....BUT i am going to the 60th reunion this weekend (july 4th) so i can't wait. And my sister goes to camp too! and she loves it!

My son has gone to Camp Sweeney every summer since 2001.  Last year he started going to two sessions a summer, needless to say he loves it.  He has made friends there that will last a lifetime.  Next year will be his last year and he is looking at going back to be a counselor in the future.  Nathan went to Second and Third Session this year.