Does anyone have a child with down syndrome and Type 1?

I have a son who is 6 years old and has type 1. He was just recently diagnosed in March 2010. He also was born with down syndrome. Wondering if anyone else can relate??

Our son was dx last year at age 7.  He does not have Downs, but does have an Auditory Processing Disorder and sensory issues.  I've found the two conditions can affect one another in a very frustrating way.  Feel free to contact me privately if you'd like to chat.



Where did you go to have your son diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and sensory issues?  I am having some problems with my daughter and I dont know where to go for help.  Her pediatrician seems to think everything is fine and she will "mature a little late"  I am not sure where to go for help.

Sorry it's taken me so long to inbox got out of hand...

Our son does not have an official diagnosis for the APD.  At age 3 our local school district diagnosed "significant expressive and receptive language delay".  We put William in speech therapy, and my own investigation turned up the dx of APD.  However, I was repeatedly told he could not be dx'd until age 7-8.

If your daughter is old enough, you can get a dx through an Audiologist.  You can probably find some local resources and recommendations through the Learning Abled Kids group.

My personal feeling at the time was that William's APD needed attention before the age of 7-8, so began a home-grown program for improving his auditory processing.  The speech therapist he was with for 1.5 years did not address the issue, so we pulled him out.  He's been homeschooled from day 1, so we have the freedom to create a learning environment that supports him in a way a classroom could not.

Feel free to e-mail me privately if you would like to chat.




Yes, I have a daughter who is 11.  She has down syndrome, and was diagnosed with type 1 in March 2010.  That is specifically why I joined this find someone else who can relate, and to share information and tips regarding how to deal with diabetes @ school, find babysitters...etc.

I have a son who is 14 with Down syndrome. He was diagnosed at 2 years old. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at 11 years old. He is texture sensitive so food is blended. Non verbal, testing often. Looking for support groups in the east bay.