Does anyone have news on any new pump versions/models?

Just wondering because it seems like Minimed has been on their MM 522/722 REAL-time kick for like 2 years now, and it seems like they should've developed that new it thing by now.   Animas hasn't had anything new since the Ping, and the Omnipod has been out for at least a year now and it seems like all the new stuff is getting old...


Has anyone heard ANYTHING, whether rumor or fact, about when the current companies are releasing updated pumps, or if any new companies are jumping into the market with a new pump?


I want to upgrade my pump, but I want to wait till the next wave of models comes out, ya know?

I heard that both Animas and Omnipod are coming out with models that have CGMS.  Not sure if that is fact but that's what I heard.

That's a start!


Anyone else with any inside scoops?

My daughter is getting the Ping in the next month or so, it will be her first pump. While we were at her endo for the pump visit, we learned that they are working on a more "sleeker" design of the omnipod, also supposed to be coming out with cgm for the omnipod - the release date is scheduled for sometime 2010, but I'm sure that's not written in stone...

Omnipod's next generation should be out by June 2009.  Animas will integrate with a CGM by year end but I have heard nothing about the model.  The Ping is still quite new.  No word on Medtronic.